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Commentary on "The kid glove collier".

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The kid glove collier. Bob is represented in this story as if he is from a well-established background, where his family have not come from a mining history, like most of the other characters seem to suggest they have come from. He is positive, artistic and hard-working which is distinctly different from the other characters such as Dick who seems to moan and be a bully. As Bob is portrayed like this in the story, it makes the other characters think he is a snob as he is not like them and is different in the way he acts, he doesn?t fit in. ...read more.


Mining is portrayed as a man?s job. Miners are also portrayed as rough and bullyish, such as calling Bob ?The kid glove collier? because he wears gloves. Masculinity is presented through distinct words in the story. The use of ?danger, dirt, darkness, hard work, young and strong?. As it is a mining story which was always traditionally a male job, the use of these words would convey to the young reader that mining is about masculinity and is a masculine job. ...read more.


It could show social diversity between bob and the other miners and it could show an ideological view of England, which all the boys going to work down the mines. You can tell the story was written in 1947 as it uses lexis that would not be used modern day now such as ?twittering? and ?upon?. It also uses phrases like clean table napkin and forward of his head which is a formal sentence structure probably not going to be used modern day now. In the end Dick and Bob fight, but then Dick ends up needing bobs help and bob saves the day. Laura Armstrong ...read more.

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