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Compare and contrast four different crime stories, 'A wife in a million', 'Superfluous murder', 'The man with the twisted lip', and 'The reluctant detective'.

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Reading the four different crime stories has allowed me to take different views on each detective. In the first story, 'A Wife In a Million', Maggie Staniforth solves a strange case in which the criminal is poisoning innocent people. 'Superfluous Murder' is about a crime involving John Mansbridge and his cousin Felix which is solved by an unnamed Superintendent. During the third story, 'The Man with the Twisted Lip', Sherlock Holmes investigates the peculiar disappearance of Neville St Clair. And finally, In the the fourth story, 'The Reluctant Detective', Fredrick Herring and his girlfriend Dawn set up their own detective agency and crack a mysterious case. I will now explore each character and decide who I feel is the most convincing detective of the four. When looking at the word 'convincing', there can be two different meanings relating to these stories. Firstly, is the character realistic in the way he/she is set out to the reader? Secondly, is the detective convincing in the way he/she solves the case i.e: is he she a good detective? I think that both these factors have to be considered before making a final decision. Maggie Staniforth in 'A Wife in a Million' is a very realistic person as she is described in a humane manner. She feels a tremendous amount of strain as she desperately tries to put a stop to the killing spree as "lines of strain around her eyes" and "Exhausted Maggie" show. ...read more.


The Superintendent shows that he is a great detective by the way in which he unravels every little fact concerning the case so interestingly. I enjoyed reading the intendent retelling me what had just occurred. In my opinion, though he may be a good detective, he is a unrealistic one, because of the manner in which he resolves the crime. It makes the super intendent seem super human because he easily solves a complicated crime. He also seems to feel no strain, stress or tiredness, unlike Maggie, which makes him seem even less believable. Looking at the factors above, altogether, I think that the super intendent is a great detective but has an unrealistic character. Moving onto the third story, 'The Man with the Twisted Lip' is about the strange disappearance of Neville St Clair. This case is solved by a detective known as Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock Holmes is easily the most famous of all four detectives and is one of the best. Holmes convincingly solves the case and shows us the skills which have made him possibly the most famous story detective of all time. One of the first things we find out upon meeting Sherlock Holmes is that he is a master of disguise. When Watson is walking in the opium bar, he sees what he thinks is an old man but to his surprise is Sherlock Holmes, "His form had filled and his wrinkles where gone..... ...read more.


They do not stand up to any of the three other detectives who are well organised. All the information above has allowed me to come to the conclusion that three of the four detectives are convincing. The three detectives I found credible are, firstly, the detective from "A Wife in a Million", Maggie Staniforth who solves the case in which people are mysteriously being poisoned. Secondly, The Superintendent from "Superfluous Murder" who solves the case involving John Mansbridge and his already dead cousin Felix. And finally the third credible detective is Sherlock Holmes who convincingly cracks the case he has been dealt and shows us the skills that made him so famous. On the other hand, the least convincing detective, or should I say detectives are Fredrick and Dawn who star in "The Reluctant Detective". These two detectives are terrible in my opinion as they struggle to solve the case. Out of the three convincing detectives, if I had to choose one, I would probably choose the super intendent in "Superfluous Murder" because he solves his case in an exciting fashion and it was enjoyable for me to read the detective unfold the case, bit by bit. None of these detectives are perfectly convincing but for me, the mysterious Superintendent is the most convincing as he is the cleverest and brightest detective and his character is at at least mildly convincing. ...read more.

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