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Compare And Contrast The Two Film Versions Of 'Romeo And Juliet By Franco Zeffirelli (1968) And Baz Luhrmann (1996)

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In Baz Lurhmann's version of Romeo and Juliet he starts with a dark room with a television producing static noise. This sets an unsettling affect. Also the camera adds on to the affect quite significantly from being long shot to zooming for a close up on the television. Also I can connote from the television that the film is most likely set in present days or in the last few years. Then we see a black reporter on the television from I can certainly connote that the film is set in present days and not a few years back in the past showing that could have a version of Romeo and Juliet that has modern day violence in it. We can see on the television in the top coroner a broken ring split in two. This can suggest lost love or broken love due to death or even a for binned causing sorrow and deceit. And with in the ring we can see the words 'I Love You' this can certainly suggest broken love due to the ring being split in half. The equal split could suggest that two lovers have been broken half and can't be brought back. Then Baz Lurhmann lures us into the film buildings being burled on each side from this I can connote that the film will be full action, suspense and thriller and this is cohered by gun violence. And from that I can connote further on that the move could have mafia related crime since the basic outline of Romeo and Juliet is family hatred. Then the zoom up builds up to buildings split by a statue of Jesus Christ. The two buildings have big signs one has 'Capulet' the other 'Montague' these buildings are quite clearly the two family's that are in conquest with each other however there is a statue of Jesus Christ in between showing the split and hatred of the family's however we could look deeper into the meaning of the statue and could emphasis that the two family's feuds started other a religious aspect/belief. ...read more.


As the camera pans we can see a river in between the city, this could suggest that their s a split between two families and since rivers are full of power I could also connote that the film will have a slight anger or hatred in it. Also the river doesn't appear to be flowing I can connote that their might be death in the film this is because a flowing river usually represents death. I can also see a church which certainly stands out to the rest of the city. This can suggest that theirs a religious aspect in this film even perhaps so God plays apart in it or a priest. Then we see the sun. And sky is red lit and orange this certainly shows dawn. And I can connote that theirs a new beginning perhaps a change between this feud between families. Then we zooming into the sun getting closer and closer to the full screen are covered in orange and red. This can suggest more emphasis on the follow family's feud changing. And then we get the words 'Romeo and Juliet' in a medieval font this certainly shows that the film is set back in the medieval times. I can back my evidence up that the movie is in the medieval times due to the building styles and all their structures. Then were on the ground and can see a brackets this shows the violent side and family feud side to the film. I can conclude, from the images, that Franco Zeffirelli's version will be a traditional movie style of Romeo and Juliet and that it will be romantic, soft and upsetting and perhaps angry. In both films the directors both use music to portray the film. However both use it in very different ways. Baz Lurhaman uses music that appeals to a much wider audience, his normal idea. ...read more.


The Baz Lurhamanns version is loud and dramatic and grabs an audience minds and keeps the audience there, because their will be violence and sex which defiantly attracts all audiences its open to all audience types. It puts that suspense and thriller in it which keeps people biting their tongues whilst on the edge of seat. And we can certainly see from the entire opening (music, prologue style and the images) that that's most certainly what the films about. You could say that Baz Lurhamann has done what Shakespeare did. He made a movie which attracts all audiences and gets them interested and entertained just how Shakespeare did his plays in medieval era. One critics view was: "...an amazing feat of ambition and imagination." I preferred this version over the other version since it had modern day action attracting me. My view would be that "The Film drags you to the edge of your seat whilst biting your lip waiting for the next suspense to through you off the seat". The Franco Zeffirelli's version however is peaceful and relaxed. It doesn't so much attract you and make you watches it more. It has a requirement to have a pacific audience. How ever we can defiantly see that that the movie will be relaxed, slow and claim and certainly romantic the movie is intended for a upper class society and that perhaps would be because the rich would of only been able to afford to attend the cinema regularly. One critics view was: "The unrepentant romanticism of Franco Zefferelli's Romeo and Juliet works beautifully in translating William Shakespeare's tragic drama to the silver screen. The lyrical score of Academy Award-winner Nino Rota (The Godfather) and the voluptuous and magnificent period costumes by Danilo Donati combine with the sensuous and dusty cinematography of Pasqualino De Santis to evoke the Italian renaissance ..." My view on this film is: "It's slow but traditional it has the romantic attraction and appeals to a upper class citizen". ?? ?? ?? ?? Warren John Niles, 10S, English, Mrs Brown 09/03/2009 1of 4 ...read more.

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