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Compare and contrast the way the poets portray people in ' a London fete' (Patmore) & 'The Badger' (Clare).

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English Coarse work Task: Compare and contrast the way the poets portray people in ' a London fete' (Patmore) & 'The Badger' (Clare). The way the people have been portrayed in both of these poems are as evil Blood thirsty people towards death. Against animals and people. Both of the poems are showing a point against the situation. I will start out showing how people are mentioned in 'The badge' then 'A London fete' The Badger This poem might be regarded as a protest poem ahead of its time. It is against badger hunting then fighting them for the fun, comparing this poem to 'a London fete' the people have been portrayed as bloodthirsty towards the killings of animals and the atmosphere was like a fair ground; the entertainment for the family. Here are a few points, evidence and explanations to show my point about the people, Using quotation from the poem. The poem is set out in 4 stances and is against Badger baiting. The first stance sets the scene of the forest where the badger lives and the environment around it, it sets the scene where the hunting will take place in the night. 'A great hugh burrow in the fern and brakes' The Bracken to where it lives. 'Breaks the old hole and tumbles headlong in' The old badger holes where a woods man falls in and brakes. ...read more.


'He falls as dead and kicked by boys and men Then starts and grins and drives the crowd agen Till kicked and torn and beaten out he lies And leaves his hold and cackles groans and dies' The entertainment from the people letting there dogs fight the badger, end up to when the badger is weak and hardly going to move the men and boys beat and kick him. 'Cackles groans and dies' The end of the badger, and the end of the entertainment, until the men go out the next night for another badger, this is how the population of badgers go down and it shows how mean and blood thirsty people are to see animals die for there fun. But the last stance shows that the men realise the badgers stronger then some dogs so they have trained them like dogs, and to follow like dogs. 'Some keep a baited badger tame as hog And tame him till he follows like the dog' They hunt them down tame them like dogs but then they would use them to fight the dogs to show fair play. 'They urge him on like dogs and show fair play' But it isn't really fair play its still 2 animals fighting and been urged on by the people for there entertainment, its still blood thirsty people to see animals die for there fun. ...read more.


A thief slunk off, with ample spoil, To ply elsewhere his daily toil' A thief has been pick pocketing while the people watch the hanging. Then he disappears to the next place for another easy daily work. Children have learnt to kill things. 'A baby strung its doll to a stick;' The baby has stuck the babies doll on a stick to show what it has learnt. Two children hang a cat ' Two children caught and hanged a cat;' They did this because its what they have just seen so they think its good. This poem is about a hanging being people's entertainment, its bloodthirsty people to see other people die for there fun. This poem is definitely a protest poem against public hangings. Between the both poems they are mainly about the same point but one is the people going out for a badger then making it die a painful death by putting it to fight dogs, then when it dies the entertainment carries on through out the day by the people who watched still, like still kicking the badger even when its died. Then the second poem is the people shouting and swearing as they bring the man to executed out, to people watching him die by hanging, and the entertainment leads to people being/ getting drunk shouting verbal abuse, and to children repeating things they have just learnt, which they think is good they do the some to there toys or to innocent animals. 1 ...read more.

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