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Compare and Contrast the Work of two Novelists who have Outsiders as their Main Characters - Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte and Brighton Rock by Graham Greene

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Jaiman Parekh "Compare and Contrast the work of two novelists who have outsiders as their main characters" Introduction Reading Wuthering Heights a book written by Emily Bronte and Brighton Rock a book written by Graham Greene is two very different experiences but both novels have one obvious similarity, which is that they have an outsider as their main characters. When we look at both novels we see that there is over a century between them when they were written. Wuthering Heights was written in the Victorian era in the 1800's and Brighton Rock was written in the modern times in 1938. Looking at Wuthering Heights the novel is set in an isolated region as Emily Bronte wrote the novel from her own background experience. The novel has been set in the Yorkshire Moors where there is a rugged terrain. Emily Bronte loved to go to the moors. Often it is very cold, harsh, and unwelcoming especially to outsiders. In the story two households are in contrast which are Wuthering Heights and Thrushcross Grange. Wuthering Heights would be described as wild and harsh reflected in the inhabitants. ...read more.


As Heathcliff was cruel to Cathy, she was forced to marry Linton and because of the marriage Edgar Linton couldn't bear anymore pain because he was already sick and so he died. But the marriage thankfully doesn't last very long as Linton dies later on. Not long after his sons death Heathcliff dies as well. So now the focus is on the love between Cathy and Hareton. This relationship reflects the relationship of Cathy (older) and Heathcliff. As soon as Heathcliff enters the story we see him as an outsider. Mr Earnshaw found Heathcliff on the streets of Liverpool. He was a gypsy and he had a very unhappy childhood and he was very lonely. When he comes to Wuthering Heights he sees Catherine and immediately falls in love with her. When Heathcliff grows up he is a handsome, vigorous and rugged person " A dark skinned gypsy in aspect, in dress and manners a gentlemen... yet not looking with his negligence, because he has an erect and handsome figure". As the plot unravels there is the turning point for Heathcliff. This is when Heathcliff overhears a conversation between Cathy and Nelly. ...read more.


When she had full evidence that it was Pinkie who had done the murder she went to the police. When Pinkie found out that Ida knows about him she tried to convince Rose to kill herself if she loved him. But before Rose could even pull the trigger of the gun Ida found her. The police were chasing Pinkie but before they could get him he killed himself. Although Pinkie dies more violently it is Heathcliff that is more violent. He throws a knife at Isabella and he has dead animals hanging from hooks in his living room. His language is also more violent and because of that he has been described as either a type of animal or like a devil " as dark as though it came from the devil". The overall language in Wuthering Heights is difficult to read because of the extensive vocabulary used and Joseph's speeches in Yorkshire dialect. " The Lord bless us! The Lord forgie us! Whear the hell, wold ye gang? ye marred wearisome nowt! Yah seen all bud Haretons bit uf cham'er. They's nut another hoile lig dahn in i' th' hahse!". The language in Brighton Rock has lots of Gangster related vocabulary. ...read more.

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