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Compare and Contrast the Writers use of Science Fiction in The Sound of Thunder and The Man Who Could Work Miracles.

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Compare and Contrast the Writers use of Science Fiction in The Sound of Thunder and The Man Who Could Work Miracles. In the sound of thunder Ray Bradbury uses science fiction to convey a fable-like story of man and its exploitation of technology. Likewise H.G.Wells uses science fiction to portray a moral story of mans own ignorance and failure to understand the power of a gift. Though both stories have a clear moral they are presented differently due to the era they were written in. The Man Who Could Work Miracles was written at the end of the nineteenth century, a time of wealth and great advancements in technology, people were optimistic of the forthcoming century and advances in science; hence the moral of the story- don't abuse power of a gift. Whereas The Sound of Thunder was written in 1952, post world war two; hence the moral -don't abuse technology- linking in with the devastating effects of the Atomic Bomb at the end of WW2. ...read more.


Again like The Sound Of Thunder there is the good vs. evil element with the ignorance of fotheringay and his mistrust in maydig. Like in the sound of thunder the moral is conveyed through mans pursuit of his ambitions this links into the moral/fable style of the stories. Both stories are presented in the third person. Ray Bradbury conveys his feelings and the overall moral of the story through the speech and actions/reactions of the characters "we don't belong here in the past" through this conveying the potentially devastating weapon time travel can be. On the other hand Wells uses authorial voice, bridging the distanced third person "It was evident..." to show his opinions. I feel that Ray Bradbury's use of the characters speech to convey the moral gives more impact and is more effective because it allows the reader to analyse the story without authorial intervention and therefore adds further meaning to the moral. ...read more.


This is Shown through the time machines power to determine the outcome of the war; the change of president Keith to Deutscher; German name and dictator like description work as a parody of Hitler winning the war. This ties in with the post war era the story was written in. Likewise Wells' moral meaning is conveyed through the theme of time as an unstoppable force, Fotheringay attempting to stop the movement of the earth with catastrophic outcomes. Both stories show how power whether in a gift or technology when used without responsibility and regard is potentially dangerous. Ray Bradbury uses the science fiction style plight of good against evil and the use of an adventure like plot alongside the scientific theory of evolution and travelling backwards in time to give detailed and supportive groundwork for his moral story. Similarly Wells also uses an adventurous plot and scientific data, though rather theoretical to present his story. Would everyone really fly in the air at nine miles a second if the world stopped spinning? As equally unlikely as it is that humans would invent time travel just so they could go back and shoot dinosaurs. ...read more.

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