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Compare How Issues Of Racial Division Are Explored In Country Lovers And In The Gold Cadillac.

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Antoine LaCour Compare How Issues Of Racial Division Are Explored In Country Lovers And In The Gold Cadillac. In The Gold Cadillac (Mildred Taylor), we see that a black man can't drive a big expensive car without being arrested; in Country Lovers (Nadine Gordimer), we learn about an innocent baby being murdered because of racism. Country Lovers by Nadine Gordimer is the story of Thebedi, a young black girl, and of her white boyfriend Paulus. In this short story the issue of racial division is mentioned right at the beginning : "The farm children play together when they are small; but once the white children go to school they soon don't play together any more, even in the holidays. Although most of the black children get some sort of schooling, they drop every year farther behind the grades passed by the white children." (lines 1-4). This clearly shows that the young black children had a very low degree of education. We learn that Paulus and Thebedi give each other presents, he gives her a "painted box he had made in his wood-work class" (line 15) and she gives him "a bracelet [...] made of thin brass wire and the grey-and-white beans of the castor-oil crop his father cultivated" (lines 17-18). ...read more.


Contrarily to Country Lovers, the racism doesn't appear until long after the beginning. We aren't even told that the family is black until line 166 : " 'Not much those folks hate more'n to see a northern Negro coming down there in a fine car,' said Mr. Pondexter." However we can almost guess when the whole family "stops" (line 153-157). When the father announces he wants to drive his brand new Cadillac to the South, he says : "I paid good money for this car [...] That gives me a right to drive it where I please. Even down in Mississippi." (line 160-161), which shows that the southern white people wouldn't tolerate a black man driving an expensive car. This is a clear demonstration of racism. The uncles and the neighbours think that the white people of the rural South will figure that Wilbert (the father) would be showing off in his Cadillac ("they'll figure you coming down uppity" line 167-168). This again shows the intolerance of the white community towards the blacks. Wilbert's daughter 'lois, the narrator of the story, doesn't understand why so many people are trying to keep her father from going down South with the car ("I didn't understand why they didn't want my father to drive that car south. ...read more.


as well as sad (the ending), in The Gold Cadillac, it can be joyful (the picnic), scary (the night in the woods), celebratory (arrival of the father in the Cadillac at the beginning) or serious (the discussion about whether or not to go South with the car). The characters are also different in the two stories, one being a big, extended, black northern family (The Gold Cadillac), the other one being a young black girl in a farm in South Africa and a young white boy, son of the farm-owner. We can also compare the voice in both stories, one in the first person (The Gold Cadillac), the other narrated by a character exterior to the story. Racism in these two stories affects the characters in many but different ways. For example, the family is affected internally by the arrival of the Cadillac and the decision to drive it south while racism manages to break the bond between Thebedi and Paulus (last declaration of Thebedi (lines 214-215). In Country Lovers, in fact, at no point do we see a specific character behaving in a racist way since the racism is built into the society itself, whereas in The Gold Cadillac, the racism is expressed by individuals such as the policemen and not as much part of the society as in Country Lovers. 5 / 5 ...read more.

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