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Compare Pency Prep and Sleam House schools.

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Compare Pency Prep and Sleam House schools. You should consider the following: * The presentation of the two headmasters * Relationships between the pupils * Relationships between teacher and pupil * Social and historical background Historical and Social Backround Both Pency Prep and Salem House have different historical and social backgrounds. However, they still have many similarities. I think that both schools are founded on hypocracy, and that they draw attention to a certain 'class' of people. Pency Prep advertised in many magazines showing readers that their school was excellent and different, when actually it was like most other schools. " They advertised in about a thousand magazines, always showing some hot-shot guy on a horse jumping. Like all you ever did was polo at..." I think that wealthy parents would send their children to Pency Prep. Whereas people who want to get rid of there for a short period of time would sent their children to Salem House. " Salem House was a square brick building with wing of bare and unfurnished appearance. " Salem House was also advertised in some sort of manner. The waiter at the\inn said that he and heard of the school, and he also knew stories about it. ...read more.


Holdens relationship with Ackly Holden's kindness to Ackley in Chapter 5 comes as a surprise after the disdain that Holden has displayed for him in the previous two chapters. Though he continues to complain about Ackley, the sympathy he feels for his next-door neighbour is evident when he convinces Mal Brossard to let Ackley join them at the movies. Equally surprising is Holden's willingness to go to the movies after his diatribes against their superficiality. Holden's actions are inconsistent with his opinions, but instead of making him seem like a hypocrite, this makes him more likeable: he is kind to Ackley without commenting on it, and he shows himself capable of going to the movies with his friends like a normal teenager. Holden's interactions also reveal how lonely he is. He describes Ackley as isolated and ostracized, but it's easy to see the parallel between Ackley's and Holden's situations. Holden notes that he and Ackley are the only two guys not at the football game. Both are isolated, and both maintain a bitter, critical exterior in order to shield themselves from the world that assaults them. In Ackley especially, we can see the cruelty of the situation. Ackley's isolation is perpetuated by his annoying habits, but his annoying habits protect him from the dangers of interaction and intimacy. ...read more.


This is about a goddam baseball glove... you always do everything backasswards." Stradlater also takes advantage of Holden, asking him do some things that he can get away with. " How 'bout lending me your hound's tooth jacket...you gonna use your hound's tooth or not ?" He Stradlater is clearly harassing Holden and keeps asking him if he could use his hound's tooth jacket, which he knows he can get. " How 'bout writing an essay for me, for English ? " Sradlater also asks Holden do an essay for him. This is both inconsiderate and ill mannered as he is trying to take advantage of him. Both of these quotations evidently show us that Stradlater is self-fish and irresponsible person. However Holden actually shows Stradlater that he is angry and is not standing for anything else like that. This is a very crucial part of their relationship as it shows Holden is standing up for himself. In contrast, Davey knows that Sterforth is in the wrong, but does seem to do anything about it. This shows us that Holden is not afraid of Stradlater, although he posses a huge amount of physically powerful. " I went over and pulled it right out of his goddam hand. Then I tore it up." Davids relationship with Sterforth Comparison of the relationships between teachers and pupils Mr Thurmer and Mr Creakle are surprisingly similar; they both are very strict individuals. ...read more.

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