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Compare the way these texts explore enclosed rooms

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Compare the ways these texts explore enclosed rooms In this essay I plan to compare the way the two poems explore enclosed rooms in very different ways, both poems were written in the late nineteenth century. They use these different techniques to make the reader feel a certain mood, coming from the room/building itself. In a way it creates a feeling of 'haunting' or supernatural interference. The two poems that I am going to compare are the Yellow Wallpaper and the Judge's House. The first poem that I am going to look at is the Yellow Wallpaper. It is a story about a woman whom is suffering from a nervous breakdown so is taken to an old country house with her husband in an attempt to try to help her clear her mind and ultimately 'get better'. She is locked up in a bedroom at the top of the house with nothing to do but study the room, mainly the intriguing wallpaper. She notices that this wallpaper has a strange pattern to it and spends all of her time studying the pattern and trying to find where it starts and ends. She grows more and more paranoid of the wallpaper which climates as she starts to think that there is a woman inside the wallpaper and believes that she sees it moving and this is when she begins to go mad. ...read more.


And again, on the third night the rat comes down again, only this time it gnaws at the bell rope, severing it completely. The rat then transforms into the judge himself, whom had once lived at this house and apparently still did. He then started to make a noose from the severed bell rope and puts it around Malcolmson's neck as he is frozen to the spot by fear. He then hangs Malcolmson. Both of the texts explore enclosed rooms in very different ways and so there are numerous differences between the two texts, as could be expected. Both houses, however, had been unoccupied for a long time which suggests that there is something strange about the places as they are both, supposedly beautiful houses. The Yellow Wallpaper room is light, small and airy whereas the Judges House room is very contrasting as it is vast, old and dark as Malcolmson had to take a lamp with him wherever he went. Another difference between the two texts is that the Yellow Wallpaper is written in the form of a diary whereas the Judges House is written as a narrative piece of text. A major difference between the two is that in the Yellow Wallpaper the woman is forced to stay in the room whereas in the Judges House the character chooses to stay there by his free will. ...read more.


This is similar to in the Judges House as he too feels trapped, but only towards the end of the story, by which time it is too late to do anything about it. In conclusion I feel that both texts succeeded in their goal to explore enclosed rooms and describe the rooms very well. However I feel that both pieces were written with slightly different goals as The Yellow Wallpaper seems to focus upon the gradual deterioration of the characters mental health as she becomes obsessed with the wallpaper, and does not focus on the room itself much. I think this is how it is because it was written from a first person perspective in the form of a diary and by focusing mainly on the wallpaper shows how she becomes obsessed, therefore as she has an obsession she does not focus on other parts of the room as much, this could also be because the room is mainly empty. I feel that the Judge's house however, as it was written in the third person as a narrative, is more effective in describing the whole room because it does not focus on one aspect of the room alone and so I think that it is more effective in describing the enclosed room. ...read more.

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