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Compare the ways in which the poet presents people in night of the scorpion and one other poem?

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Compare the ways in which the poet presents people in night of the scorpion and one other poem? Night of the scorpion is a poem about a woman getting stung by a scorpion and the events that follow it. The poem two scavengers... is about the comparison between two garbage men and a couple going to work. Although the two poems sound totally different, they both convey the message about equality in society. In night of the scorpion the people are peasants. They are religious people. The crowd of peasants have a different religious belief than us. They believe that if they chant about god then this will help cure the mother. They believe that chants will help cure the mother, this is shown by when the peasants said, "with every movement the scorpion made his poison moved in mothers blood." ...read more.


The poem two scavengers... only has descriptions of the two sets of people for comparative purposes. These being the garbage men and the cool couple. The poet might prefer the garbage men, this is due to the words he uses to describe the garbage men. "The garbage men up since four a.m. grungy from their route on the way home." This shows that the author feels sympathy for the two men, having to do the hard tasks that they do. The final verse suggests that the two sets of people should perhaps not be treated so differently. The cool couple are treated as special people and have it easy where as the Garbage men have hard tasks to do but are treated much worse than the couple. This conveys the point that there should be equality in society. ...read more.


Although night of the scorpion has a clear narrative and is told in a chronological sequence it is not as appealing as scavengers in the sense that it has no clear political message and it is difficult to relate to, as it is a primitive culture. Two scavengers on the other hand has no narrative, it is only a freeze-frame, it is lacking in emotion and has no sensible structure, but it has a clear political message which makes it much more appealing and it shows the economics of democracy in a modern society. I prefer two scavengers because it has a political message which has a real need to be listened to because in our modern culture we neglect the little people in life that make our society what it is. The poem itself appeals to me more as it has lots of description and comparison in it, which helps put the message of the poet across to the reader. By Gareth Monk ...read more.

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