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Compare Three Poems Discussing The Different Types Of Love - one flesh - our love now - Stanza

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Compare Three Poems Discussing The Different Types Of Love? One of the poems I have chosen is 'One Flesh'. It is written in the first person but describes the parent's of the writer so all but the last line is in the third person. In stanza 1 he holds a book as they lie in two separate beds, reading with the light on, this is an unromantic activity. There is a feeling of waiting as if what happened before has gone away and they need something new. Stanza 2 shows something left over from a past explosion, they do not need physical contact. If they do touch it is an apology for the loss of feeling they once had. Their previous life has lead up to this condition of chastity. Stanza 3 tells the reader that even though they are separated there seems to be a bond between them. They relies that they are old and the passion they had to create the author is not there anymore. The stillness and silence of the pair shows an acceptance of their fate; they shred so many memories of life together, they have forged a band that cannot be described in words. ...read more.


The poem is set out in the form of a debate, eight stanzas in pairs to each other. The stanzas are in free verse though stanzas one to six are set out formally with five short lines. Each stanza is introduced by 'I said' or 'she said' as if recording a debate. Repetition is a feature of the poem giving it a tighter structure. The last lines of the female's stanzas beginning 'she said' all echo the words 'such is our love', a brief unemotional statement which underlines the hopeless finality of the situation, 'forever dead' like a sad echo of someone departing forever. The shortness of the lines in the whole poem evokes a feeling of failure, even exhaustion at the end of the relationship when there is no more to be said. There are few really emotive words except in stanza three and seven 'burnt flesh', 'scab', 'ugly', 'raging', showing some feeling in the man, because he has stronger belief in the relationship. The women's language shows less sentimentality than the man's, as she seems more realistic bout the future. Andrew Marvell who was one of the great metaphysical poets of the seventeenth century writes 'To His Coy Mistress'. ...read more.


In the third stanza he flatters the colour of her skin, he tries to flatter and scare her into having sex with him. The last two lines say that cannot make the sun stay, but we can make it run. This is a metaphysical poem. He puts his side of the argument forward, it is structured in stages, how if there was time, how much he would give her, how death is near and then a conclusion with a sense of both previous stanzas. It has a tight rhyming scheme, the poem is monosyllabic and written in the first person. 'One Flesh' has a lot of love between the two people, they do not need to show it because there is an invisible string, which joins them together. They are not as passionate and so do not need to show the love for each other. 'Our Love' has no love in it, it has the man lusting for the woman but she does not want to go back to him, after what he did, how he hurt her. 'To His Coy Mistress' has a wealthy rich man desperate to take advantage of a woman, he will get what he wants and then leave her. This poem, like 'Our Love Now', also has no love in it. I Olga Schtulman ...read more.

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