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Comparing and contrasting Mr Collins and Mr Darcy’s proposal.

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Becky Lown 10B Comparing and contrasting Mr Collins and Mr Darcy's proposal. Mr Collins and Mr Darcy have very different ideas about why they are proposing to Lizzie. Mr Collins is proposing to her as he feels he has to marry one of the Bennett daughters as he is going to inherit their house after their father dies. He tries to make out that he had chosen Lizzie from the start, when he actually wanted to marry Jane, but Mrs Bennett made it clear that she was already taken with Mr Bingley. He has his speech already planned unlike Darcy whose proposal was more of a spur of the moment. He constantly compliments her filling in awkward silences so that she cannot say no to him. Mr Darcy leaves lots of silences in his speech waiting to see what she will say. Mr Collins tries to make out that he has a large choice of woman to him and that Lizzie should feel privileged that he has chosen her, but in actual fact no one would have him. He tries to say things, that he thinks she will be flattered by but they come across very offensive to Lizzie and to anyone listening in they would probably find them very offensive. ...read more.


Mr Collins also tries to play a mind game on Lizzie telling her that she will say yes next time he asks her. Mr Collins won't leave and he is very rude to Lizzie when he does by saying that this is probably the last proposal that she will get and that she should accept it while she can. When he does leave he still won't accept the fact that she has refused him twice, so he tells Lizzie that her parents will make her marry him, when Lizzie knows that her father won't make her marry Mr Collins. He tells her that her refusals are very flattering and that he knows that she really does want to marry him. He has a change of heart overnight and he makes out that he is the one who decided not to go through with the marriage to keep his pride. He tells Lizzie that she has a defect of temper and that she is too headstrong and speaks her mind but these are the qualities that we like best in Lizzie. In general I think that Mr Collins' proposal is a forced by himself and Lady Catherine and that there are no feelings in it. Mr Darcy's proposal I think is the complete opposite and that he has genuine feelings for Lizzie but he hides these very well as Lizzie is very shocked when he proposes to her. ...read more.


But he doesn't really accept the fact that she says no to him as if he did he wouldn't have written her the letter to explain himself. Both Mr Collins cannot accept the refusal to them, but Mr Collins just asks again but Mr Darcy leaves. Both men are very conflicting in their proposals but they both have the same plan, not deliberately but they both are very offensive to Lizzie, and her family. In conclusion, Mr Darcy's, proposal is extremely romantic, the setting is very romantic the situation etc. whereas Mr Collins' proposal is completely devoid of romance. Mr Collins is deceitful and dishonest all the way through his proposal but Mr Darcy is very honest, almost brutally honest. Mr Collins' proposal shows that he is completely reliant on convention and tradition, by going through Lizzie's parents asking them first then asking to speak to Lizzie alone and asking Lady Catherine de Bourghs permission. Darcy does not care about tradition and just bursts in on Lizzie and asks her without asking her parents or anything, he doesn't really care what anyone will say about the marriage he just wants to marry Lizzie whereas Mr Collins does and makes sure that everyone concerned approves before he asks Lizzie. Both proposals are aiming for the same result but they have different ways of going about getting there. ...read more.

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