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Comparing Kinder Transport and Rabbit

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Comparing Kinder Transport and Rabbit The play Kinder Transport follows the story of a nine year old German Jewish girl, Eva Schlesinger as her mother puts her aboard a train for her flight from Nazi Germany to her life as Evelyn, a quintessential English woman, who hides her origins from everyone, including her daughter Faith. Eva has been through a lot as a child, and was never really able to accept the hurt of the past. Past and present are inextricably wound together in this play as one family's secrets and tragedies emerge to reveal a shattering truth. Kinder Transport is set partly in 1939, but also in the 1980s. As the play shifts subtly between past and present, we see the young Jewish Eva grow up and assimilate into British culture, and we see Faith discover family secrets, and then confront her mother and grandmother, Lil. The plot explores such themes as mother-daughter relationships, survivor guilt, and loss of identity. Rabbit is a play set in the future, which year or century remains a mystery to the audience. It is a distressing story about orphans who are survivors of a devastation of some form. All these children live together, and work as a team to survive. ...read more.


When we perform this play the left hand side of the stage is an attic with old furniture and Eva's forgotten possessions, where as the right hand side will create different places through the use of props. Rabbit is a short, straight forward story and is only one scene long. However, the set is more complex than that of Kinder Transport, as it is located in a broken down building. Again we will see old bits of furniture and cardboard boxes, but instead of being there for storage purposes they will serve as furniture, protection from rain and all sorts of different things. Everything the children own is makeshift and doesn't always serve its purpose efficiently. I imagine the set of Rabbit to be a broken brick wall encircling the stage, with a large patched up quilt draped over one part of the stage creating an enclosure, which will be the children's' sleeping area. There should be dirty sheets, newspapers, cans, boxes and old bits of furniture strewn across the stage to give the impression that the children are living in ruins. In Kinder Transport Eva is able to live in 'luxury'; she eats nutritious food to which she has easy access. The children in Rabbit, however, need to hunt for their food and don't live on a healthy, balanced diet. ...read more.


Evelyn is bitter about what happened to her; as is Vid - the character I played in Rabbit. Vid is adamant that her parents left her in this harsh world they created on purpose. Both these characters are continually hurting throughout the play, and it's quite a challenge to have to express their pain through my facial expressions and tone of voice. Kinder Transport is an act of remembrance which stages what Evelyn would prefer to forget. In Evelyn's refusal to embrace her past or to let her daughter have access to it, and in the parallel scenes of the teenage Eva confronting the personal legacy of the Holocaust, Kinder Transport shows us that there are two types of survival; and that is it possible to lose you self in the act of preserving yourself. I have enjoyed studying these plays and feel as though I have a better understanding of them after writing this essay. I personally prefer the story of Kinder Transport as it is based on one of the most well known historical tragedies ever, and I feel as though I can relate to it better. Even still, they are both first-class plays with gripping plots. Both Kinder Transport and Rabbit have many similarities and differences, which makes them even more exciting to study. Anam Khan Drama Coursework House 1, U5 ...read more.

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