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Comparing Sheila and Sybil Birling

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Sheila and Sybil Birling Sheila and Sybil Birling are mother and daughter who live in a prosperous family. Sybil and Sheila share some similarities but have many differences and you can say that, from Sheila?s actions, she is from the new generation. This is demonstrated whilst the family are celebrating the engagement of Sheila Birling and Gerald Croft, Sybil says ?When you?re married you?ll realize that men with important work to do sometimes have to spend nearly all their time and energy on their business. You?ll just have to get used to that?. Sheila?s response was ?I don?t believe I will.? This is insinuating that Sheila may not stay at home and raise a family but will acquire a job. ...read more.


A good trait of Sheila is that she warm hearted as she treats people from the lower classes as normal human beings. ?But these girls aren?t cheap labour, they?re people?, is a quotation which indicates that Sheila cares about all people across all of the classes and that everybody should be treated equally. This is an example showing a great contrast between Sybil and Sheila as Sybil feels no remorse for Eva?s death whereas every other character does. Sybil calls Eva "impertinent" and feels that her social and financial status absolves her of everything. Mrs Birling is a very unsympathetic woman who knows that the Birling family have problems but decides to ignore them showing that she is very self-centred. ...read more.


This is demonstrated when Sybil is commencing to talk to Inspector Goole and Sheila articulates ?I?m afraid you?ll say something or do something that you?ll be sorry for afterwards?. This is showing that Sheila feels that her mother is not very aware of the circumstances and may present the Inspector with important news which may go against the Birling?s family. In conclusion we can say that Sheila and Sybil are two very contrasting characters although they are mother and daughter. Sybil Birling is callous. She is unsympathetic and snobby. Sybil is cold-hearted, very conservative, and self-righteous. Sheila can be immature as she calls her mother ?mummy? but refers to her as ?mother.? As we read on throughout the play the more evidence we find to show how different these two characters are. Rajdeep Hayer 8M ...read more.

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