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Comparing 'The Charge Of The Light Brigade' and 'Dulce Et Decorum Est Pro Patria Mori'

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Smothering dreams, highlights Owen s nightmares about his fellow soldier s death; make him feel he is being suffocated. He feels he can never escape from the horrible images imprinted on his mind. He uses assonance in, white eyes writhing in his face, which means he was in so much pain even his eyes were squirming in agony in their sockets. He uses a simile and sibilance in his hanging face, like a devils sick of sin, which means his face was like that of a devils sick of seeing sin and terror. To emphasise the terrible effect the gas attack had on the mans lungs he uses onomatopoeia in, blood come gargling from the froth corrupted lungs. The world gargling captures the horror of the sight of the man in question coughing and spluttering as his lungs are attacked by the lethal gas. He goes on to use the simile, obscene as cancer He wants to say that war is cruel and insidious, slowly destructive. My friend, refers to Jesse Pope. He uses his poem to contradict her views on war and conflict telling her it is not sweet and glorious to die for your country. Alfred Lord Tennyson s overall opinion on conflict is not dissimilar to that of Wilfred Owen s but the style of the poem he conveys this opinion in is. ...read more.


The two poets use different methods of communication to put across their opinions. Owen uses similes, metaphors and vivid imagery whereas Tennyson relies on use of rhythm and repetition. Tennyson uses direct speech to create a more story-like poem. The differences in how the two poems are written could relate back to the fact that Wilfred Owen based his on his real life experiences during his time spent on the Front Line during the First World War and Tennyson got the information he used to write his poem from a newspaper report. , gives the image of all of the six hundred cavalry men lined up at the top of the valley, their sabres glintinXZ\$ 2 � �r *F023@III-I����������������(2�"'(� �)� @�S �XZI-I���1/4 " "��" "�" - "�" - �������-��� "� "tt-IJ-IL(���Times New Roman��# " " "���`gXXQ*P+Ghp psc 1310 series (Copy 1)!@�h ß ï¿½ 4d��B�e�����4� d ����WksWPd���HB�e��ں�ں\\COOLCOMPUTER1\hp psc 1310 series (Copy 1),LocalOnly,DrvConvert/winspoolhp psc 1310 series (Copy 1)USB002F�� �"\�"�'"�V "$c"�` "�``""A."@���"\�"�"�V "$c"�` "�``"."[WilfredOwenAndAlfredLordTennysonPoemComparisonEssay!].wps""�p"�pp (" )"ation he used to write his poem from a newspaper report. , gives the image of all of the six hundred cavalry men lined up at the top of the valley, their sabres glintin�� �����Z� ��� �O�2�Quill96 Story Group Class�����9�qyyyF�� �"\�"�'"�V "$c"�` "�``""A."@���"\�"�"�V "$c"�` "�``"."Wilfred Owen and Alfred Lord Tennyson poem comparison essay.wps""�p"�pp (" )"s real life experien ...read more.

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