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Comparing 'The monkeys paw' and 'The red room'.

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The monkeys paw Written by W.W. Jacobs in the pre 20th century the monkeys paw is a terrifying and creepy tale about a family of three that come into possession of this mysterious and magical object. It concerns a monkey's paw brought back from India that allegedly has the power to grant three wishes but at a great price. A man wishes for two hundred pounds, and shortly, someone delivers a two-hundred pound check as compensation for his son's death in an industrial accident. The man's wife makes him wish for his son back alive, but when he hears horrific knocking at his door, he re-thinks the whole endeavour and wishes his son dead again. The writer creates a sense of mystery in the opening section of the story. He describes the setting, "the night was cold and wet," and, "the fire burnt brightly." This contrasts the dark night, with the interior it is the perfect atmosphere for a horror novel. There is a great sense of mystery concerning the monkeys paw, "it had a spell put on it by an old fakir," and, "three separate men could each have three wishes from it." ...read more.


The climax of the story is simply when the mother and father hear a horrendous knocking at their door and they know that it is there son for they had wished him back from the dead. W.W. Jacobs causes more suspense and horror by the layout of the knocks, "a knock......the knock was repeated......a third knock was sounded. There was another knock and another......a perfect fusillade of knocks." This causes chills to flow through the reader's spine where as if there was simply hard knocking, the ending wouldn't be as dramatic and effective. The Red Room The red room written by H.G. Wells in the pre 20th century is a frightening tale about a man who decides to visit a haunted castle and enter a room which is said to be haunted. He comes across mysterious things such as hearing weird cries, screams and noises and seeing shadows. Towards the end of story the narrator experiences a fall where he passes out and wakes up the next day knowing that fear is what made fall and see and hear all those things. The writer creates a sense of mystery in the opening section of the story. ...read more.


In those days the only light sources were candles and therefore darkness was a big issue and caused the people to fear it. Now days if a place is dark we merely have to flick a switch or turn a torch on but in those days people had to light candles which were not very reliable (e.g. the wind could easily put them out). Houses where very big and hollow with oak panelling and large open fires, this "typically old family house" is portrayed in the monkeys and also in many other documentaries about life during the early 20th century, there where divides between the rich and poor communities and safety in industrial factories was appalling, awful, insufficient and basic. People where very superstitious, they where terrified of ghosts and demons and other things associated with Satan and the dark. Both W.W. Jacobs and H.G. Wells used this and emphasised it to create two brilliant horror novels. These two novels would be petrifying if I was reading them 100 years ago but I found them dull, boring and occasionally pathetic because the dark, demons and all other things associated with darkness does not scare me. Written by Moe Hejazi 10P ...read more.

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