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Comparison between Lady of Shalott and Morte d' Arthur

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Comparison between Lady of Shalott and Morte d' Arthur Lord Tennyson wrote both Morte d' Arthur and The Lady of Shalott. He set both of the poems in medieval Camelot and describes knights and love. Both poems convey tragedy and loss. The Lady of Shalott is fated to die tragically and King Arthur's death is described being the end of Camelot and all that went with it. The Lady of Shalott is more of a fairy story with a sad ending, but Morte d' Arthur is much more serious and sad from the beginning and deals with both the death of Arthur and the magic sword "Excalibur". In both poems Tennyson uses language, mood and atmosphere to demonstrate a sense of tragedy and loss. In Morte d' Arthur the landscape is hard and bleak so he uses harsh words, such as " dark strait of barren land" to describe it. Right from the beginning he uses the words "broken" twice and "barren", so we know from this that it will be a sorrowful poem because he emphasises and repeats. ...read more.


Also we learn that she only see things through a mirror "and moving through a mirror clear...shadows of the world appear". You begin to feel that she will break her curse by looking out of the window and her tragedy will begin to unfold. In Morte d' Arthur, Arthur also feels that something will happen to him that is pre-determined by Merlin, the magician, so this is very similar to the Lady's premonition of her tragic fate. His sword, Excalibur, is a piece of magic in its own. It is beautifully described, it has lots of precious stones and jewels on it, and it glistens in the light. Bedivere is reluctant to throw away such a beautiful sword into a lake. In Lady of Shallot it is Lancelot that is described in this beautiful way "his broad clear brow in sunlight glowed". Tennyson describes him and his horse in great detail and we see him as a bright and beautiful object. He "flashed" into the mirror, which she used to see the world through. ...read more.


When the Lady of Shalott floated down to Camelot, no one knew who she was and they had to read her name on the boat. She had died for a mad moment of love and was soon to be forgotten. When Lancelot said, "she has a lovely face", he had no idea that he had caused her death and that she died because of him. His good looks and appearance had tempted her to look out of her window and caused her tragic death. Arthur had been a great leader of his Knights and was famous through out of Camelot, he also had a lonely death with only Bedivier there but every one would remember him. He was taken to his after life in a grand way by the magical barge and the queens. The poor Lady of Shalott died a lonely death never having done much with her life never meeting the cause of her death Lancelot. Both people had magic involved with their deaths, The Lady of Shalott with her curse and Arthur with his sword, "Excalibur". Both ended in tragedy. Edd Steer Miss Reid 3rd Draft 1034 Words 26/01/03 ...read more.

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