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Comparison of midterm break, the field mouse and on my first sonne.

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Comparison of midterm break, the field mouse and on my first sonne We have been studying 3 different poems and they are about 3 different deaths. Heaney's poem, "Mid term break", is about a personal memory of death in the family. Gillian Clarke poem, "The Field Mouse", is about death in a political conflict, the Bosnian crisis and Johnson's poem, "On My First Sonne", is about the death of his son. Heaney and Johnson's poem are about personal death. Seamus Heaney's "Mid Term Break", tells of tragic car accident that took the life of a little boy. His brother, who narrates the poem, is away at collage and sees his little brother for the first time in six weeks, but also for the very last time. The death of his little brother happened in an instant and was a shock to the whole family. Johnson's poem "On My First Sonne", tells of the death of the poets first son. Johnson contrasts his feelings of sorrow with what he thinks he ought to feel- happiness that his son is in a better place. ...read more.


He writes the poem in the form of an address to the dead child, but he really shows us his own meditations, he gives his religious references. The poems short lyrics have a striking metaphor that the boy is being "lent" for "seven years" and paid back "on the just day". The last two lines are memorable, a complex idea is packed neatly into two rhyming lines, here Johnson remembering his sin (of loving to much) expresses the hope or wish that from now on, whatever he loves will not love it "too much". Clark use of comparing nature to the political conflict. Her choice of words hint at the destruction, the imagery in the dream. Clark uses a lot of assonance and internal rhyme, "summer", "drum", "hums", "end", "meadow", "terrible", "drifting", "gift", all these are hints of destructive element. Heaney use's narrative style leading us through the day. He uses imagery to set the tone of the poem. The stanza begins with the "morning" in line one, but it is 2 o' clock in line three, showing the hours have passed in waiting. ...read more.


Looking at all the poems, the one I find the most effective is "Mid Term Break", by Seamus Heaney. This is effective because it ahs so many ideas of what the poem is suggesting which makes you think what's happening and what the poem is all about. I thought the poem was very well written. The poem builds up lots of tension towards the final stanza, which makes you wonder what's going to happen, which makes it highly exciting. The highlight of this poem would probably have to be the way it was written as it builds up tension, and also makes people feel sympathies for the little four year old boy who was killed as he looked like he was sleeping in the coffin as he slept in his cot. The main similarities in these poems are that they are all about personal death, very meaningful and in depth. They all show how the death happened, like in mid term break the boy was killed by car. They are all sad. The difference between them is that the deaths happened in different way. They also have different size stanzas. ...read more.

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