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Comparison of theme and language in "Old Father" by Hugh Boatswain, and "Island Man" by Grace Nicholas.

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The first poem "Old Father" is written by the Hugh Boatswain, describing the experience of the man, over the period of the time who came from the Caribbean to the England in 1950s and had the experience of joining the new culture firstly he couldn't forget the feelings of his past place, and was so depressed but as the time passed he decided to mix in the British culture and forgot his culture. The second poem "Island Man" is written by the Grace Nicholas; describing the feelings of the man over the period of the one day who has been lived a long time at the island when he was in the Caribbean and when he came from the Caribbean into the England, he still remembers the past place feelings. They both poems are related from the same culture, which is "Caribbean culture". In the Old Father, Boatswain expresses in the line2 -3 that when the old father came to the England, he didn't only come to the new environment but also came into the new weather which makes him depress and sadden. Line5 is even more stressing the dispirit feelings of the old father but in the line7, the word "But" suggesting the change in the mood, it gives the idea that there is something going to change with the old father and then line8 "Old father is still here" clarify the confusion that causes by the line7. ...read more.


and in the line 41 white people says that "He's an example to his people", they are saying this because they are racist as we know from the line 24 saying "That don't like serving black people", this giving the evidence in the poem of being racist of the white people. Because the white people were racist, they were still saying to the old father that he's an example to his people even when he tried every thing to become like a white man. Whereas in the poem Island man, Nicholas says in the last two stanzas of the poem that island man recapped his history in his mind and then he comes into the real world - England, which is very advanced than the Caribbean this means that even island man is still in England, he never forget his roots and never tried to become a white man as the old father did. The lines17 and19 says "his crumpled pillow waves", "Another London day" shows that island man was sleeping and woke up due to the past memories in his mind. Basically at first Old Father poem is similar with the Island man poem because at the starting of each poem, Poets are describing the passion of their heart. ...read more.


But the use of the language in the Island poem is different as the language is been used in the Old father poem. The language used in Island man is regular English. There isn't any kind of grammar and spelling rules in this poem like Line 1-4 shows in simple English that island man still memorise his past in his mind. The line11 emphasise on the island pain and realise to the reader by using the repetition "groggily groggily". In the line5 the word "wombing" makes reader to concentrate on the poem; as the reader read the line5 and when looked at the word wombling doesn't understand and as soon as looked at the English dictionary can't find the word, so in this way Poet try to make the reader to think about the poem. Two different Caribbean poets wrote that poem and they both poems were written when they were in England. Both of the poems describe the brief contrast between the English and Caribbean culture. The Old father poem describes about the Old man who used to live in the Caribbean as the people normally live but the Island man poem described about the man who lived at the island in the Caribbean for a long time. Although "Old Father" is more descriptive than "Island man" both poets have explained successfully their wishes and reasons behind missing their country. Poetry course work ...read more.

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