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Conflicts Between Darcy and Wickham

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CONFLICTS BETWEEN DARCY AND WICKHAM We know form chapter 15 that Darcy and Wickham know each other. 'Darcy and Wickham seem to recognise one another, but both look discomforted by the meeting'. The first conflict that arises between the two men is when Wickham informs Elizabeth about Darcy's behaviour towards him. o Wickham was a favourite of Darcy's late father, who promised him a good living in the church. Darcy has deprived Wickham of his career as a clergy man. This is Wickhams story. * This adds to the drama of the novel as Elizabeth is greatly affected by Darcy's affair and also this story adds to Elizabeth's prejudice. ...read more.


o Darcy gave him a further �1000 o Then Darcy gives Wickham a further �3000 and he spends it on unworthy things. o They don't see each other for 3 years and Wickham returns wanting his career in the church. Darcy refuses. o Money is a big issue as Darcy pays off all of Wickhams debts. * This adds to the novel as Elizabeth has now realised her prejudice towards Darcy and is now ashamed of what she felt. From this point Elizabeth's attitudes towards Darcy begin to change. Wickham's relationship with Georgiana Darcy. o Wickham had persuaded Georgiana to elope with him thinking she was in love with him. ...read more.


This is a contrast to the fact that he was going to elope with Georgiana and does elope with Lydia. * Also the fact that Elizabeth doesn't warn her family about Wickhams character earlier on, she feels distressed about this. Pride and Prejudice is a comic novel; the marvelous ironic opening sentence sets the tone, outlines the plot and states the underlying theme of social criticism: "It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife." A blunt restatement of this sentence would read, "it is an acknowledged truth in our particular society that a single woman without a fortune must need a husband who has one." In the world of this novel, marriage is a market, and the young women are its merchandise ...read more.

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