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Consider how play writes make characters speak in play's you have studied and say how the language and tone of these dialogs, conversations, or monologues, contribute to the play as a whole.

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Cristina Telles Mr Maclure Consider how play writes make characters speak in play's you have studied and say how the language and tone of these dialogs, conversations, or monologues, contribute to the play as a whole. Arthur Miller and Ariel Dorfman, create each character in their plays as a representative human in real life. For instance one of the ideas that Death and the Maiden tried to convey is that there are many Paulina's, Gerardo's and Roberto's in daily daytime. Each of them represents their role in life, by how they interact with other characters. On the other hand Death of a Salesman is not an exception, as all its characters by their words, represent in the best way possible how they feel at the time. Furthermore they show by their phrases how their personality develops. Readers are forced to think about past, present, and future in some point of the play so that they can be able to find the relevance of characters attitudes or words. The quotation of: 'How many times' is a vivid example of this. It is a phase asked by Paulina to Gerardo and vice versa. ...read more.


There are remarkably lots of interrogations in both plays. Dorfman uses Paulina as the one asking the questions. Paulina does this, as she wants to know the truth to 'heal her past wounds'. In a way she wants to repair her past by revealing her abuses and bringing them to light. At the beginning of the play Roberto was the instrument of Dorfman. He was the one making the questions to Paulina, and the one accusing her for the flat tyre. He is a politic and he tries to answer all even the questions that can't be answered. Interrogations are like light for the characters, they bring hope for the future. That's why every time a character is interrogated a light is above them. Paulina for instance say: 'I just want the truth', she thinks that by asking so many questions and digging up her past she will find peace on her soul. That's why she points Gerardo with a gun, so that he talks about the affair. As the play develops Paulina changes her sweet character and becomes masculine. She uses questions that seem to be made before to her. ...read more.


He feels that talking in a way will change the perspective other have on him. As we could see along both plays, each character adopted and important role in the play. They symbolise a character in life. In my opinion the authors wanted to make the readers identify themselves with one of the characters. For instance in Death and the Maiden, at the end the author used the audience to symbolise the mirror, and for making us see ourselves. It is important to note closely how characters develop. From beginning to end we were able to look at and evolution in Willy, as he ends up sort of understanding how things worked in real life and living more his reality. Biff on the other hand reach to the point were he realise that life is not the way his father made it look like. The way they talk and the way they interact with others, show different aspects in their personality. They develop in very different ways as the situations move on. The authors use this kind of language so readers could be able to note how the environment can affect people's personality. This was written by Cristina Telles. ...read more.

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