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Consider the dramatic impact and importance of act3 scene1 of Romeo and Juliet.

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G.C.S.E English - Romeo and Juliet 29/10/03 Romeo and Juliet essay: Consider the dramatic impact and importance of act3 scene1 of Romeo and Juliet. In Romeo and Juliet, the 3rd act is usually the one in which momentous actions take place affecting the ongoing scenes and the tragedy at the end. This results from Tybalt and Mercutio fighting which leads to further consequences. This scene has a dramatic impact and importance in this it bolsters the existing themes and elaborates our understanding about the characters' dispositions and natures. One of the most important characters of this scene and to the plot is Prince Escales. The entrance of the prince here is theatrical and dramatic as he is symbolic of justice. The society in the play was very disordered and being related to Mercutio and having his government often disturbed by these brawls came to put the law in strictest force against those who should be found to be offenders. The entrance of the Prince to the scene is theatrical and dramatic as he is symbolic of justice. In this society the prince in charge was respected as an authority figure. In the Elizabethan times anybody who disobeyed the law by people of higher rank was very discourteous and were often referred to as traitors. ...read more.


We realize that Mercutio is a very fiery person and is full of youthful blood. In lines 11-13 Mercutio is playing around with words as he repeats the words more than once in 3 sentences which also projects the type of wound up mood he's in while also establishes humour for the audience. ' Thou art as hot in thy mood as in Italy, and as soon moved to be moody, and as soon moody to be moved.' Even dying, Mercutio keeps on playing with words and punning. He's saying tomorrow he'll be dead (in his grave) but also playing on grave meaning serious, lines 92-94. Mercutio's death is a major event in this play. When Tybalt kills Mercutio, the attributes of a comedy die with him. From now on, this play becomes a tragedy. This demonstrates how Mercutio is a strong representation of all that is youthful and carefree in this play. Mercutio stays his cheerful, funny self throughout this scene until he is about to die, when he yells: "A plague a' both houses!" This may be regarded as a change because Mercutio has never been so serious before. The curse here is taken as a very serious insult in the Elizabethan times. ...read more.


' Gentlemen, good den, a word with one of you.' His sentences are always short and to the point ' I am for you' unlike Mercutio who makes witty comments and descriptions all the time including when he compares Tybalts name with a cat and goes on to talk about its nine lives. This shows that Tybalt can't keep up with Mercutio and he likes to express his feelings through his fighting and not his words. Act 2, scene 6 ended with Romeo and Juliet getting married. This is supposed to bring the two houses together but in act 3 scene 1 all this hope is destroyed. The idea of fate and star-crossed lovers is bought up here. These Harmonious scenes following violence create suspense. The same with the ending of act 3 scene1, Romeo being banished has an impact on the next scene and leads to further consequences. It also makes us feel pity for Juliet, as she has no clue about what's going on and is waiting impatiently for Romeo to comeback. This creates dramatic irony for the audience. Finally I conclude that act 3 scene 1 is very important. This is because the events that take place here, such as Tybalt's and Mercutio's death causes Romeo to be banished. This chain of events leads to the tragic ending where Juliet and Romeo die due to different misunderstandings. ...read more.

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