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Cosmetic Surgery is a Negative Idea

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´╗┐Unsafe Cosmetic Surgery: A Negative Idea In the 21st century, technologies are so advanced that we can change our appearance that people hoped in 20th century. Humans have always had problem or were always unsatisfied with their appearance therefore, humans have wanted to change it, and to us, cosmetic surgery is way that they can accomplish their dreams. Cosmetic surgery is not safe and best choice to do due to the fact it can cause many problems. Some of these problems include serious damage of the skin or health, the financial problems, and it is erasing own individuality of self. First, appearance is the main importance in this society and many people. Girls are more likely to have this surgery. Since the appearance is main importance in this society, it is very sensitive part too. All the surgery percentage of success is not 100%, which means Cosmetic Surgery is not 100% too. ...read more.


One of another problem is ?Addiction of Surgery.? When people start to have surgery, they usually start with one part, and they thinks that they need more parts that requires the surgery. After, they do it on other part too and if they are not satisfied with it, they redo it. Addiction of surgery is very dangerous and scary because they never satisfy what they had done. It is like, person do the nose, then they think nose is still not good then they do it again. This is not only taking his mind. This takes away the lot of money. Appearance is how it looks and everybody have different looks but we are losing our own looks. In Korea, there is a new girl group and 5 people are looks same. People were arguing that 5 people were come out in same hospital. Yes, everybody wants to become pretty and beautiful but they never thought about this question ?what would happen if everybody looks pretty and beautiful?? We have to think. ...read more.


We see the beautiful, nice body, and good skin girl in Media. People are starting to be people in the Media so that they could proud of their selves. We can think that the Media suggested people to give their original appearance up since they are making people?s feeling jealousy. Media is just thing that entertains us not to make sick. People have to satisfy with what they have and try to be more confident on them. Something that we seen could not be true or will not come true. Cosmetic Surgery is something that can make you sick and people should be not fooled by media. We could say that the media is faked box. We should be critical about the media and do not concern about the appearance. Cosmetic Surgery is not safety so it is not best choice to do. It will cause many problems too. Some of these problems include the serious damage of the skin, mental, and the financial problems. The biggest problem of Cosmetic Surgery is deleting the individuality of self. People should not only concern about the appearance. ...read more.

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