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Creative Essay. Daniel lured Mathieu and Kylie into a secluded room and the events of the story begin.

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´╗┐Written Expression Emulation Creative Essay Preface: Mathieu is the CEO of a multimillion mining company established in China. His daughter, by the name of Kylie, is married to Daniel, who is Mathieu?s most trusted employee. The setting of the story is in a restaurant on the top floor of the tallest building in China. Mathieu has made a huge deal with another large enterprise and is celebrating their success. Daniel lured Mathieu and Kylie into a secluded room and the events of the story begin. ?The media will remove their blindfold to this tragedy soon. It is irresistible profit. You can blindfold them now, but once they realize the real value, it will be simply impossible to mute them. Hunger the media? That is the worst mistake. Is money what you live for? How can you not think it through that our company?s reputation will be destroyed with one report? Can you imagine how it will hit us, just like an earthquake? Without warning, everything into worthless rubble. ...read more.


Daniel is just making empty threats. Just stay cool. Daniel furrowed his brow, eyed Mathieu like a hawk to notice any change of emotions, then with a breeze of cool wind, Daniel pointed a handgun at Kylie?s temple. The almost melodious background sound of the air-conditioning suddenly turned into the sound of whisper from a phantom. The whisper then diminished into silence. Daniel finally knew he had the upper-hand. It boosted his confidence, but he dared not shoot. Crossing his heart, he hoped that Kylie would cooperate with the act. After all, if Daniel added his and Kylie?s company share, Mathieu had no say whatsoever. Carefully consider the options and act without hesitation. Daniel pushed the gun even more abruptly at his wife?s temple. He declared, ?Give me all your shares!? Kylie could not comprehend the situation. ?Daddy, when did our world begin to turn so fast that I feel dizzy? Daniel, stop all this nuisance.? Kylie was like a puppet, being manipulated by her husband. ...read more.


Live it. You have lost the trust of your own daughter. Kylie. Who are you now to judge me?? Daniel snickered. Mathieu hoped that the shots would have caused chaos but no one else heard it except for the three of them. He used to think money solved everything, but in the face of death, it is not a reliable savoir. He picked up his pen with shivering hands and stared at the blank space. Kylie eyed Mathieu and yelled at the top of her voice, ?Dad run for your life, quick go!? Kylie swung her fist at Daniel?s face and kicked his groin with all her might. Daniel?s handgun fell out of his hand and clattered on the hard floor. ?At first, I thought you are doing all this for the company and I sympathize with you. But through tonight, I have learnt that you are even worse than my dad. You think that the death threat was enough to win everything over. Was everything about our love also an act? Is it one of the stepping stones towards your final goal? This is ridiculous!? Kylie picked up the handgun, aimed it at Daniel?s face and fired. ...read more.

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