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Creative Story

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The Black Pearl It was Friday, the sun was blazing, and the sky was blue as Joe walked into the deserted theme park but little did he know of the dangers that lay ahead. Joe ran ahead of his family but finally coming to an abrupt stop along side the isle, which was listed PIRATES in big bold capital letters. "Wait! ", gasped his mother, "I can't keep up." But Joe did not hear her. His eyes were transfixed on a magnificent picture of a pirate ship. As he touched the glass he felt a strange, tingling sensation running down the back of his spine. Then suddenly, his surroundings began to change. The tiled floor became wooden planks, the walls disappeared and in 10 seconds he was in a completely different setting. He stared more closely and suddenly realized that he was on the deck of a ship, the same ship in the museum. Then a tall man with one leg rasped in a blood curdling voice. "Well, who might you be there young fellow." "My name is Joe", Joe replied, "but how did I come to be on this ship." but the man ignored him and said. "Well, looks like your going to have to work on my ship for a while." The man took him to a small room with a little stool and a sack of potatoes and said "Here is a ...read more.


There were roast potatoes, boiled potatoes, roast lamb, gravy and applesauce. After that Jack handed two tiny bowls to Joe and himself. Joe looked carefully into the bowl to find a boiled potato at the very bottom. "Eat up", Bellowed the captain, "you've got much more work to do after this." And with that the captain began to guzzle the tasty morsel rapidly. Despite the fact that Joe was scared he was fearfully hungry so he picked up his knife and fork and began to cut small slices of the potato and gradually, he began to eat the potato. Soon after they had finished their meal the captain lead Joe to the main deck which was thickly caked in mud. Then the captain snarled "I want this deck sparklingly clean by 5 o'clock or it will be the cell for you." As the captain began to leave he turned round and said. "In fact, I have decided to be lenient and let Jack help you, he will bring scrubbing brushes and soap." then the captain turned back round and left the decking. Soon after, Jack appeared with two buckets of water and soap. " Well, looks like we had better get started then." So Jack began to scrub violently. Joe thought for a little while and then asked if he always lived like this. ...read more.


Jack had snuck on to the decking and was staring at Joe. "Do it," Mouthed Jack silently. So Joe walked bravely forward. Then he wielded the axe menacingly. Then he started a quick run and after that he broke into a full sprint, waving the axe wildly. At that moment the captain turned around but it was too late. Joe had chopped his wooden leg off with one clean slice. The captain lost his balance and toppled right over, waving his arms, as he sank into the icy depths of the open ocean. "You did it!" cried Jack. But Joes face was downcast. "What if I never see my family again." Sniffled Joe quietly. "Don't worry about that", said Jack merrily, "the captain has a teleportation device in his room, that's how we both came to be here." Joe ran to the door of the captain's room and flung it open. There, on the desk was a wired machine. Jack followed him and said happily. "You can go because someone needs to look after the ship." So with that Joe placed his hands around the machine. Joe found himself back at the theme park. Just then he heard a shout from the other end of the isle. "Where have you been", screamed his mother, "I have been looking all over for you!" then Joe smiled and said. " Oh, nowhere." So Joe went home for a good nights rest. ...read more.

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