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Creative Writing

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Jack opened his eyes carefully, trying to adjust to the glimmers of bright light shining through the white curtains. He looked around the pallid spacious bedroom and checked the time - 6 am. He cursed his biological clock under his breath, then pulled the covers back over him as an attempt of going back to sleep. But no matter how much he tried, he simply lay there, adrift, with thoughts of Abby slowly sinking to his mind. It was a year today since she had gone to heaven, but somehow Jack still couldn't believe that she no more. For some reason, he always believed that he would die first; perhaps it was because she was so full of energy, so determined to enjoy life to its limit. While he was nothing but lost, confused, and empty. Distracting himself from his vivid misery, Jack placed his feet on the white carpet and walked into the colourless bathroom. He flicked on the faint light and splashed his face with water. He wiped his face with his washed out towel, and gazed into the mirror at his light green eyes, wrinkled forehead, and button nose upon his pallor face. For the first time, Jack realised how his surroundings truly portrayed him - all white - and represented the lack of colour in his life. ...read more.


In front of the grass was a pond with an arched bridge separating both sides of the glowing water. As Jack stepped forward, he saw that this bridge was made out of gleaming metal, and at its sides poured out a dome-shaped fountain which sprinkled into the crystal clear water, while splashing on the pearl white ducks as they cautiously hunted for food. "Quack, quack, quack" the ducks croaked, and as they swam further they met with other ducks of all types; ochre, caramel, black, petrol green, as well as many other pale coloured. And with the effect of the sunlight, is brightened down the bitter green of the ducks into emerald green, contrasting against its pearl white and dusty black feathers. There were so many of them; some spread around, looking lonesome, while others in groups. As Jack continued to observe, he notices that at first, these ducks swam in random directions, but as time passed, he saw how they all lined up in a row, and swam ahead on after the other, going round and round in circles, forming different outlines of shapes in the water. Filled with excitement, he moved closer. He saw that each time they swam faster, as though they were racing, playing, as well as competing with one another. ...read more.


As he reached a large deep lake, he stopped breathlessly and looked at the water. He bent down as he picked up a crystal pebble off the dusty ground, and gently tossed it across the water, jumping further and further away from him, creating circular shapes on the water. Once again, he gazed at his reflection; however this time he saw how he could be fulfilled. As he took in the heavenly atmosphere surrounding him, the humming of the birds, the salty scent of the water and the leaves fluttering from the breeze, a teardrop fell. Letting go of everything, he jumped into the lake, swinging his arms forwards and backwards as hard as he can, allowing him to sink deep inside the lake. He held his breath, and as he slowly drowned, the throbbing in his heart, the churning of his stomach and the constant stinging in his throat had no effect on him other than making him feel alive. The feeling of adrenaline, the chocking of his throat, the ringing in his ears, and the sight of panicking ducks quickly splashing away bring pain to his body - but he took no notice. He longed for Abby, and soon, he would be with her once again. Ecstatic sensations came over his mind, and as he became more distant from the melodious singing of birds, yet another teardrop fell. ...read more.

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