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Creative Writing

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THE ASSASSIN He woke up. His blanket still only reached down to half his body as his legs began to shiver. He reached an arm out towards the cacophonous noise which was coming from his alarm, and switched it off. Still half asleep he delved into his briefcase to find a second blanket to keep him warmer and more comfortable than he was at the moment. Although he knew he had work to finish he felt like a couple more minutes of sleep to catch up from Friday night. However he knew his work was far too important to be a few minutes or even seconds late. So he got up with enthusiasm like a jumping jack and looked left and right. He then turned around on his makeshift bed and lied down on his stomach looking out three roads ahead and admiring the best day of autumn, focusing on one house in particular. A little insect crawled near to his fingers, but instead of killing it he let it crawl upon his hand and guided it away from him. He also used his hand to pick up an M40A3 sniper rifle which lay beside him adjacent to his huge jet black briefcase. He looked across the roads again, this time with a focused zoom from the telescope, as he sighted down to the front of the wooden blue house. ...read more.


The car was so easy to spot due to the lack of drivers out on what was now a very horrid day. The force of the rain had now reached the stage where it began to rebound of the top of the car with its extreme power, and he saw the need to pull a black waterproof sheet over his body as quickly as he possibly could so he could get back to business. He looked out through his scope again focusing on the house again. The driver had not left the car yet but seemed to be using a mobile phone to contact someone. The headlights were still on. The assassin zoomed in again to get a better glimpse of the victim. And he saw a very beautiful woman dressed in an expensive, black suit. Her face did not have a spot in sight and her solid, shiny gold necklace and earrings looked as if they were weighing her down. He grinned in a very unpleasant manner which was disturbing as he displayed his corn-coloured teeth, stained from the cigarettes he had smoked over his years. He then turned the night-vision mode on, as the neighbourhood had gone very dark and grey, due to the rain-filled clouds. He carried on staring as the lady moved her head side to side whilst smiling and laughing during the phone call. ...read more.


He disassembled some parts of his gun and placed them carefully back into the jet black briefcase before he closed it. As he stood up you could tell that he was quite lethargic as he yawned and stretched his arms outwards to the sky. He then folded all of his sheets into a small dark blue rucksack and put the bag on his back. He picked up his heavy briefcase and was ready to leave. As he turned around he knocked over his Carlsberg ashtray on a side table with his briefcase by mistake. He slowly squatted down and began to pick up the multiple cigarette ends which he had smoked. He then brushed all the ash with his black leather shoe underneath the table. He looked out of the window and then made his way to the staircase which he took to the bottom floor. As he exited the building he stood there and took a deep proud breath as if he had accomplished something that should be shared with the whole world. He then moved his wrist in front of his face in order to read the time from his gold Cartier watch. 5:59. His ride should shortly be arriving. As he thought that to himself a deep black Cadillac with dark tinted front and back windows drove up towards the curb where he was waiting patiently on. The door opened automatically and he stepped in. ...read more.

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