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Creative Writing

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Road "I forbid you from seeing him Chrissie!" bellowed General Carter glaring at her with his piercing eyes. "You aren't the boss of me, Dad, I'm old enough to do what I want!" snapped Chrissie storming off. Chrissie was the daughter of the American Army General, she had long brunette hair which swayed side to side as she walked, she was fair and had subtle brown eyes. Chrissie had always been admired for her beauty especially her boyfriend, Rick. Rick was a well built man, he had short, brown hair and also had brown eyes. She rushed into her car and drove away with no regrets whatsoever. A blanket of dust and dirt was being formed as she drove; the sun beating down on the road gave a glossy look on her Italian sports car. Teary eyed, Chrissie met up with Rick and told him about the argument she had with her father, he seemed rather surprised that she had stood up to her father like that. "I just wish he could see from my point of view, he never just lets me have my own choice he has to approve of everything I do." "You shouldn't have to live your life like this he can't be the judge of what you want to do," said Rick sympathetically "I know...." After a few moments she said "I want to run away, I want to run away with you. ...read more.


"Rick look over there! Pull over give him a ride he looks like he's going to die" exclaimed Chrissie Rick complied and pulled over. "What happened? Why are you walking on a deserted road? Oh, that must have been your car we saw earlier," said Rick "Yeah that was mine, it broke down, and I couldn't get it started again so I started walking. It's a killer walking for an hour with a heavy rucksack," replied the man his face was glistening with sweat. He had heavy stubble, shirt, wild hair and was wearing black leather jacket around his waist "Where do you need to go?" asked Rick "Ramsworth, it's a good few hundred miles from here" "And you were going to walk that distance!?" chuckled Rick sarcastically "Jump in, that's near enough where we're heading," he said contentedly. "Oh thanks you are a life saver! I'm Bob by the way, Bob Wright." "Hi, I'm Rick and this is Chrissie." "HI!" said Chrissie cheerfully. Rick assisted Bob in putting the large rucksack in the back and they both went back into the car and drove on. "So where you going?" asked Bob "Hillgrove," replied Chrissie "I see, so what you two are brother and sister?" "No," laughed Rick "We're boyfriend and girlfriend" "Oh of course! How could I not tell, she's beautiful man! ...read more.


Blood was pouring through his t-shirt giving it a large red stain. "RICK!" screamed Chrissie hysterically. She was sobbing over him hugging him and reassuring him that he would be OK but inside she knew as well as he did that he wasn't going to make. Infuriated, she turned around with the look of death in her eyes. These turned to eyes with horror in them. Bob was no longer lying unconscious on the seat. The dirt filled gun was no longer on the floor. Bob was now standing, groggy from the punch, with his gun his hand "You bastard!" cried Chrissie now advancing towards Bob, her eyes bloodshot. "I told you before: calm... down" he said serenely. Two loud bangs emerged from the gun in his hand. He had shot her. Now she also was bleeding uncontrollably and fell down to the ground where she laid still. She was dead. The colour went from her once joyous face. All that laid there was a pale dead body. He walked over to Rick who still was in agony. From the floor he could only see a silhouette of Bob he was unable to see the evil eyes gazing down upon him, he just laid there awaiting his fate. "It's a shame I had to kill to her. She really was a real 'babe'," leered Bob. He turned back. Opened the car boot and dragged the bodies and then piled them both into the cramped space and forced the door shut. Took his large rucksack and started staggering alongside the road.... ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Writing to Inform, Explain and Describe section.

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