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Creative writing - A tragic loss

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ENGLISH 23RD JULY 08 NARRATIVE ESSAY M.LOCKYER Tom left the school for the last time. He departed the school campus towards the setting sun on his Honda CBR 1000RR Fireblade motorcycle. Tom had never been a fan of cars and his 1000cc, 175bhp engine could out pace most cars anyway. Tom thought about the promising future that lay ahead of him, his dream was becoming a reality, he had been offered a full scholarship to study law at Harvard University. Tom had never been happier. The man stumbled as he left the club and made his way to his battered Toyota Corolla. On the third attempt he managed to get himself into the drivers seat, and his Toyota stuttered into life. ...read more.


The Toyota corollas engine strained at 140km/h. The man was heading towards a green traffic light, the road he was on was deserted, the traffic light flashed yellow. The man took no notice or in his dizzy state of consciousness never registered the yellow light that now flashed red. The man saw the motorcycle too late. Tom never knew what hit him. One thousand four hundred and five kilograms of Toyota Corolla ploughed into the primitive lightweight motorcycle sending it hurtling through the air and smashing into the road a few yards away. The CBRs headlights flickered briefly before plunging the scene into darkness. Tom awoke in a ditch. He could not feel anything but found this very odd as his leg seemed to spurt out jets of blood and he could not move at all. ...read more.


The day the first Harvard semester ended was the day that Tom left this world. His family pulled the plug on the machine that kept him alive for so long and Tom ceased to exist, His life and dreams torn apart by one mans selfishness and irresponsibility. The man continued to thrive after one year of jail time. Good behaviour could cut your sentence in half and the man had utilised this fact wisely. Toms family decided to forgive the man who took Toms life as after all, there is no revenge so complete as forgiveness. Forgiveness is giving up the possibility of a better past. Toms family gave up this possibility so they could move on witht their lives ...read more.

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