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Creative Writing : All Around the Corner

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Creative Writing : All Around the Corner Mornings would normally be a 7 o'clock rise, day beginning at 8:30, released at 3:20. Today, being the holidays, I can drag myself away from all this for a blissful lie in. A bliss broken by the 'bring'ing of the phone. "Yeah right" I thought to myself. "Answer, don't answer? Give up my wings, stay in heaven?" The choice being obvious, I returned to my daydreaming. However, the rarity of a phone call for me rather than anyone else in the house made me answer the second time round. What a mistake. It was Katie, the definition of moron, ringing for a 'chat'. I gave up my warm bed to hear her wining voice wine in my ear. "Yeah" I said. I could have been agreeing to a heart transplant for all I knew but I thought I'd better show I was still on the other end of the line Unfortunately yes was the wrong answer. ...read more.


Maybe there's a bigger population of Sashas out there than first thought. And so we hit the shops. The trick is, not to let them know you have absolutely no money whatsoever. Give the illusion that you have it, you just see no need to spend it. However, the small amount of cash we do posess usually goes on the much-needed hourly revival break. We took the seats unoccupied, partially shared with two mid-thirties women. The gossip they didn't mind sharing with the world was amazing. Law suits, affairs, bribery, all coming from one woman's life. Of course this left the other woman to demonstrate listening techniques far too challenging for an average human being. By the look on her face, she seemed to be thinking of something soothing. Chocolate perhaps. It was hard to have our own conversation while still listening to this woman's life story, and so drank silently, occasionally attempting short conversations to cover the fact that, lets face it, the world is a nosy place. ...read more.


Your either too old to do what you used to, or too young to move on. Never any money, allowance doesn't go anywhere near far enough. "Family's been doing my head in at the moment. Acting like I still need the potty training." Sasha always uses these chats to get her family problems off her chest. "They just give me no respect. The other day I began to tell them of the trip we may plan. Do you have any idea how tormenting they can be. Yeah, perhaps they do 'have my best interests at heart' but come on, I can look after myself." With this I have to agree. I've met Sasha's family, and the independence they give her, though very loving, is invisible, simply because it doesn't exist. It was hard not to notice how Katie, even with her chirpy attitude, had managed to dampen our spirits so much. "Got the energy for another shop Sash?" I personally didn't have the energy to lift my feet, but I wanted to move on from this subject. I didn't feel the same way about my family. Only last month I became a great grandma. It isn't all bad. ...read more.

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