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Creative Writing Essay

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Creative Writing Essay I stripped off my sodden trench coat, leaving it dripping down the centre of a tall, spiralling staircase. I guess I'd thought it wouldn't matter, that no one would find it. This was the sort of run down hotel you'd think was completely deserted, why would anyone stay here? Anyway He would never expect me to be here. As I shuffled around the corner from the stairway, I felt my wet shirt sticking pathetically to my bruised chest. I took it off and wound it around my bloody arm, which was hanging numbly by my side. I felt a chill across my bare chest. I shivered violently, shifting each leg forwards, as though they were lead weights. It was pitch black. ...read more.


He can't have found me. Fifteen, sixteen.... I heard footsteps ...nineteen...the creak...twenty-two, I felt as though He was here. I began to run, but each step made the next feel near death. Twenty-five, twenty-six... He must have been close now; the sound was ringing in my ears... twenty-seven; I let out a shrill scream as I tripped on the wretched floorboard, I crawled forwards. The utter indignity of it all. I could feel him laughing manically but it was silent in the passageway. Now the creaks were softer but much more frequent and I could quite definitely tell it was Him. I slithered towards the wall; I could feel the thousands of doors on both sides closing in on me. ...read more.


I couldn't stand it anymore, I reached the end of the corridor, but He was there first, I turned to the door that He had blocked and knocked with all the strength I had left, my bruised fists pounding with pain. The door opened and I ran in, blind with fear...but No! It was all a sinister plan, a horrifying trap, I knew as soon as I saw that He had followed me in. She was there. She stood in front of me with my dripping trench coat. I could feel his slimy, cold, long fingers maliciously twisting my aching arms, I couldn't fight back; every muscle in my body had turned to ice as She lifted the trench coat over my head. I fell to the ground; slowly suffocating in the wet darkness of room Seventy-three. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Writing to Inform, Explain and Describe section.

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