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creative writing- Good girl the farmer was very encouraging to my mother thats it, one last try. I slithered out into the cool air and hay spread out on the floor.

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"Good girl" the farmer was very encouraging to my mother "that's it, one last try". I slithered out into the cool air and hay spread out on the floor. The strange creature crawled over to me and poked his fingers around my eyes, nose and mouth which made it much easier for me to breathe. Then he rubbed a soft towel along my side which warmed me up. Then he left me with my mother, her big warm tongue glided over my squirming body before flopping down into the sweet smelling straw beside me. The next morning, as the big orange ball rose in the sky, I leapt up in excitement. My long legs buckled and then collapsed completely. My mom snorted an encouragement and I tried again. This time I stayed up for longer and, as I began to take a step forward, the creature from last night stuck his head over the gate. ...read more.


"Ok then Ted, how much do you want for her?" I shook with excitement how delightful. I was going to leave this gloomy place after all. "I have several other youngsters at my farm which includes some of the countries finest bulls, she won't have to worry about being lonely". I didn't listen to the rest so all I knew was that I was leaving this place for good! However I soon realised that my trust had been misplaced- this "kind" man was a downright liar! The first thing that hit me was the stench, and the second was the animal's conditions. I was surrounded by scraggy skinny flea-bags. I glared up at the man, who was now attempting to drag me down the yard, with hatred. It took three men to carry my thrashing body to the young stock barn. Even with my legs firing in all directions. ...read more.


I was driven by fright and anger. I was rocket flying around the pen. It was round so he could not corner me. I was tiring fast. Three other men leapt over the gates and wrestled me down. My legs were strapped together tightly so that the ropes dug into my frail little legs. When we reached the slaughter house they dragged me through a wide door and into the "red room". What hit me first was the stench of death. I stared around, my pupils dilated. There was the body of my beloved friend splayed out on the floor, a heavy flow of blood drained from the hole in his little black head. My head was strapped to the floor. The man picked up the gun and rested the barrel on my head. I saw the sadness in his eyes and then a click. In a flash the gun was whipped away from my head and up to his own. He pulled the trigger. I was soaked in his blood. No-one came to me. I just lay there shaking and waiting to end my pain. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Writing to Inform, Explain and Describe section.

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