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Creative writing. He turned and his eyes caught mine. My heart melted, when they sank into mine.

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I was walking along the road, texting my friend; I looked up to see who was around and went back down to my phone. I had a sudden urge to look back up! On the opposite side of the road, talking on the phone stood a boy. He had black shiny hair that had been spiked up into place; the darkness of it really brought out his soft, adorable, caramel eyes. Over his dark blue jeans he had a tight black top; it clung onto his skin, so tightly you could see the counters of his athletic body. His luscious lips twitched turning into a breathtaking crooked smile. He was like a modernised painting of Picasso, every feature defined, jaws angular, eye brows shaped and more; everything to perfection with out any flaws. He turned and his eyes caught mine. My heart melted, when they sank into mine. His eyes scanned my body quickly before they landed back to their original place - my eyes. ...read more.


I stumbled but managed to get the word hi out of my mouth. For a few minutes we were standing there talking while the sun shone at us. He said he had to go and asked for my number as the wind breezed past us. Me, being paranoid as normal and thinking he will save my number as don't pick up! I told him I didn't know mine and asked for his, he went through his phone and at last gave me his. I felt as though my heart skipped a beat! As soon as he drifted away into the corner, I couldn't resist but jump up to the skies. I couldn't believe it, I had his number! I thought to myself even he didn't believe in love at first sight, he had seen me for the second time, either way it should be fine. I skipped it all the way home; it was as if my dreams were coming to reality. ...read more.


Every love has problems and obstacles; our obstacle wasn't bad compared to other couples, it was just the fact that we didn't have the courage, bravery or the nerve to tell each other what we felt about one another. My life suddenly accelerated to the day that changed my life forever. We decided to meet where we first saw each other. It was as if we repeated the scene, but there was a correction both of us didn't cross over; he crossed over to my side of the pavement. We had a long interesting conversation. There was a sudden pause. I had a feeling that this was my last chance of stating my three words. I looked up to him, I felt myself go blood red. However, when I looked at him I knew he was going through the same thing as me. We looked into each others eyes for a minute or so. It's not as if we counted to three or anything but we simultaneously echoed I LOVE YOU! ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Writing to Inform, Explain and Describe section.

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