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Creative Writing - It was a dark musky morning at Johnny's warehouse.

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English - Creative Writing It was a dark musky morning at Johnny's warehouse. The warehouse was a scabby rotting pack of wood, with a stench of a dead corpse that had been left to dry in the sun for weeks. Matt (The Gun) and Ben (The Snake) walked up the path together to the old warehouse. The two gangsters walked with confidence and pride and make people stutter around them like shy animals. They then greeted the large muscular doorman and then entered the stinking warehouse. Inside the warehouse it was extremely dark and worn down. Johnny had brought the warehouse cheap from an auction because it had been repossessed from a group of criminals that were there before Johnny. Johnny was an old man now, he had been in the game for 20 years. He had been inside more than his fair share of times. ...read more.


Johnny stared into both there eyes frowning and then said, "What do you want from me" "Were looking for work", stated Ben "What makes you think I've got any work for the likes of you!" said Johnny "We have proven our self's on various occasions", stuttered Matt "Hmmmmmm I suppose I do have some work for you" Smiled Johnny "Excellent, What would you have us do?" Questioned Matt " I want you to go turn over the local bookies", said Johnny "Ok, What's our cut though?" Asked Ben "Your cut is 25% no more no less, its not negotiable", Stated Johnny "Sounds good", Agreed Matt and Ben After all it was not wise to question Johnny's decision. Johnny opened his desk draw and pulled out an Automatic Pistol and placed it on the desk and slid it over to Matt. ...read more.


They both stepped out of the car leaving the engine running to insure a safe get away and proceeded inside the bookies while simultaneously placing a black balaclava over there faces. As soon as they were inside they quickly pulled out there guns and pointed it at the clerk and shouted, "THIS IS A ROBERY PLACE ALL THE MONEY IN A BAG, NOW!" The clerk had a smirk on her face, which sent a chill up both there spines. "Errrr NO!" said the clerk. Then as almost as soon as she finished her sentence she pressed the alarm which and within seconds the alarm was ringing and the protection screen had gone down. Ben and Matt were stuck there was no way out of this one all they could do was sit and wait to be arrested. The sound of police sirens filled their ears with in minutes. "Johnny was going to be very angry with us", stuttered Matt "I know Matt, I know", replied Ben THE END ...read more.

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