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Creative Writing : My First Date

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Creative Writing : My First Date 'Dress to impress', were the words rolling around inside my head willing me to carry on with the monotonous routine. My nerves were raging and pulsating through my body just as they were on the first day of school. If anyone had seen me then I am sure that they would have sent for the men in white coats, to come and collect me. I eventually plucked out a black satin ballroom gown from the back of my walk-in wardrobe. I had prepared myself for the energetic task and set aside half an hour to get into the dress. This was the first time I had worn the overbearing dress that hung precariously from my cupboard door. After a few minuets of battling with something large and oddly shaped called a 'hooped petite coat', I finally made my way into the point of no return. As I stared at my ever-widening reflection in the mirror, a wave of shock hit me. ...read more.


I instantly lost all control of my body and fell to the stone that lay beneath everyone else's feet. As I managed to prise myself off the floor, which was an almost impossible task with the ridiculous shoes my mother had insisted that I wear, a hand reached down in an attempt to pull me back to my feet. Praying inside that this would not be an ironic situation, with him up above playing a cruel trick on me, I looked up. God had seen an opportunity to challenge and torment me. There stood my date. His sharp tuxedo was as black as the dead of night and a starched white shirt was escaping at the collar. After the extravagant meal, in the company of two hundred other guests, we decided to attack the dance floor. Knowing I had not danced a step in my life Tim gracefully guided me across the candlelit dancefloor. I earned a major achievement that night. ...read more.


Only I could have been capable of embarrassing myself that many times in one night and we both knew it. Eventually I just started laughing hysterically and he joined me, the chauffeur must have wondered if we were all right. We chatted for the entire journey to Tim's house, or should I say mansion? I never wanted these precious moments to end. As we neared the end of ecstasy we agreed to eat for a pizza, more my kind of date, the next weekend. Pulling up to the front door, Tim's parents emerged with grins on their faces begging to let them take our pictures. After the usual protest from myself the battle was lost and they used a whole roll of film. Hazy roads passed me by on the trek back to my nest. Thoughts were a blur, racing through my mind. What had happened tonight? Was it all a dream? Will we meet again? Welcoming lights and warmth called me into my home. I think my parents asked me something but I cannot remember what they said. I sprawled myself across my bed and for no apparent reason I burst into tears. Catherine Jenkins 11o ...read more.

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