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Creative writing - My flying experience.

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My Flying Experience My name is Ben Phoenix and I'm approximately fifteen and a half years old. The experience I'm writing about happened about three and a half years ago, shortly after my twelfth birthday. A deception was created to stop me from knowing about the surprise that they had in store for me. The surprise in question was an hour-long flying lesson in a two seater single prop light aircraft called a Cessna 152. In the following account of the experience I will do my utmost to stick to the realities of my feelings and the goings on around me but memories do get distorted over time so it won't be a totally accurate description. Anytime I'm not sure about something I will duly mention it. The night before the flight, of which I knew nothing, my father told me we'd be going to a frozen foods superstore fairly early the next morning. Apparently it was in east Kent but the name of the place I have long since forgotten. ...read more.


About five minutes later my father pulled into Manston airport, a fairly small airport that used to be an army airbase, to ask for directions. As we were going in I saw a display of army vehicles. None of this really awed me, as it usually would've, as I was annoyed at us being lost, even though I knew I had given correct directions. We pulled up to a hanger and my father spoke to a man for a little. As there were speaking I looked into the hanger and saw a multitude of light aircraft, including a pressurised Cessna, but none of it interested me as I had yet to fall head over heels for planes of all descriptions. I focused on what my father and the man were talking about but they were finished and all I saw was the man, a middle-aged fairly short man with a white shirt and loose trousers, pointing up the taxiway. ...read more.


We headed off to Canterbury and detoured slightly to follow a motorway where all the cars were tiny. I was allowed to keep the plane steady then turn south when we reached Canterbury. Canterbury was just a mass of dirty greys and washed out reds with the cathedral spire peering out of the city. When we reached the coast I was again awe-struck by the sight of the sun glinting off the sea which resulted in a beautiful mix of reds, yellows and oranges. I looked down and saw the harsh glare of the sunlight reflected off the chalk cliffs. On the way back to Manston I gave more attention to the country side which looked like a patch work of green with not a road in sight, all hidden by hedges and to small to see from that height. The one thing I remember most vividly was how far you could see. All the scenes from the flight are imbedded in my memory and there started my love for flying. My flying Experience By Ben Phoenix ...read more.

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