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Creative writing - The Curse.

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The Curse Keti walked into the kitchen holding a glass. Suddenly a wave of dizziness washed over her. She rocked for awhile, she shook her head trying to get rid of the dancing spots in front of her eyes. The world around her began to spin, she didn't hear the glass smashing on the tiled floor or feel herself hit the ground as everything around her went dark.......... "Quick! Pierre go get the doctor!" a familiar voice cried anxiously. "Keti, how are you feeling, dear?" My eyes hurt as I looked around the gleaming white room. I sat up slowly with the help of mum. "What happened, and why am I here?" "Well dear, you -" mum broke off as the doctor came in to check up on me. Mum and the doctor went outside to have a chat. "Hi, Pierre," Pierre just grunted in reply. Pierre and I weren't very close, I guess things don't work well between us. I suppose that's how twins react to each other. Mum returned to the room looking upset. "Mum, what's wrong?" "Well....." again she broke off, she took my hand in hers and started sobbing silently. "Mum, tell me what happened." My heat started to beat. I had a feeling that what she's about to tell me wasn't going to be good news. "....I'm so sorry...." She croaked through the tears and threw her arms around me. "The doctor said...that you....have....lung cancer...." This time she sobbed harder on my shoulder. My heart felt like it had stopped beating, tears started rolling down my cheek leaving wet tracks. I continued to hold her, I didn't want to loose her, not even Pierre even though he's such a pain. For the first time I felt lost and totally empty. I woke up to hear the soft breathing of mum in the corner sleeping, pain washed over me again, I didn't want to see mum like this. ...read more.


"Hey, you're one of us now...you and I are just the same," he said emotionlessly. "Imagine what they would do to us, when they find out." I hurried out of the room I had to get away from him. As soon as I got onto the dining room the tightness in my chest disappeared. "Eason, where were you?" Pierre said in an annoyed voice at the table. "With your sister of course." Pierre snorted, and shot an icy glare at me. I frowned back at him, I rather hang out with Pierre for a week than to get locked in a room with Eason. My grumbling stomach tore me away from my thoughts. I looked down at my plate. The food looked delicious, but my stomach told me that this wasn't food. My stomach churned again, Pierre has already started shovelling food down his throat. I glanced at Eason across the table, he was eating the food okay, how come I can't. "Keti, what's wrong?" mum asked, her eyes were filled with concern. "Don't you like the food?" "No mum, it's just.....that I don't feel like eating." Mum looked hurt. "Can I eat later?" Mum just nodded. I got up and left them. I walked slowly up to my room. I looked around making sure Eason hadn't sneaked passed me again. I heard the soft laughter of Eason, good he was still downstairs. This time I didn't lock the door. I needed answers from Eason. I sat by the window watching the moon. I didn't know how long I was sitting there until I heard his voice. "Did you know you're as beautiful as the moon?" I jerked around quickly. "When did you get in here?!" I said surprised forgetting to hide the fear in my voice. "Awhile ago," he said with a cute smile. "Could you please knock or give me a sign when you come in?" ...read more.


His lips were sweet on mine. Slowly I reached down into my boot, I grasped the knife tightly and brought it up. I placed the knife right where it would slice easily into his heart from behind. I gave him the last kiss and plunged the knife deep into his heart. He roared in pain, blood was pouring out of the wound. He tried to pull the knife out, but it was out of reach. He was screaming in pain now. He leant up against the tree breathing deeply. He was gasping for air, his beautiful face was screwed up with pain. His eyes were glittering with tears, he had his teeth at full extent. His blood trickled and made a mini river. "Why...?" He said through clenched teeth. Again he drew a sharp breath. I turned my back to him and shed a single tear for just for him, my heart ached with pain. I loved Eason. He saved me from dying, but he also put a curse on my life. I hated him for that. The rasping breathing had stopped. I spun around and saw his face already yellowing and drying. In a few minutes he was dust, a gust of wind blew him away. "Good-bye, Eason...." I whispered. The breeze blew my way. It blew through my hair, and with it took away the pain in my heart. I walked over to where Eason was lying and picked up my knife. I took my last glance to where Eason was lying and turned away forever......... At last I got my revenge, but I'm still cursed. I left home soon after the kill, that night I had my first and last feed. Now I only feed on animals' blood to survive. I would not hunt or kill humans- my mother's family. I too, have my own family which I do not wish to join. Now I live as no one, no one knows me or knows where to find me. They will never know what I truly am................. ~The End~ Stephanie Pung 9A ...read more.

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