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Creative Writing - The Deserted Street (Partial)

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The Deserted Street "I hate you, I hate you!" I cried as I ran out the front door. What was the matter with them, why did they always argue? My parents' relationship was hanging on a thin thread. Every few nights I heard the shrieks of anger and remorse. I just stood there, I watched them, and I waited for the silence, it never came. Throughout the night I would cry, cry myself to sleep. Tears landed on my pillow as if they were drops of rain filling an ocean only that this ocean seemed never ending. My heart drummed in me, it kept the sudden rush going, the rush of sadness and guiltiness. I suffered the pain but why did I? ...read more.


It was small and fluffy generating warmth around it. I felt for it and molting fur covered my hand. My brain was dead until a ferocious meow emerged into the silence. The flickering lamppost revealed the fuming cat staring into the depths of my eyes. Never had I felt this before. A few trees in the distance danced in the wind and teased my mind. They were enticing and surprisingly enchanting in the dark of the night. Home was no where near. The horrifying fact of home now being so longed for was scary. I had never wanted to be in the warmth of my house so much until now. I followed the deteriorating path searching for life. I was an alien exploring a whole new world, and it was almost a new planet. ...read more.


Mother and Father, I hoped would be sleeping, not aware of my absence. I just savoured the silence at home when they were sleeping. If they had found out, the roof would be raised. Groaning, came from the creaking swing which became animated in the wind. The wind whistled and whooshed around me. Clutching my arm, I escaped its grasp and ran down the lane. A dim light appeared in my house and I could sense panic inside. Sweat ran down me like the condensation which usually ran down the window after a hot steamy bath. Stumbling into the house I saw a glimpse of my parents. I ran in and found them crying fiercely. I embraced them with a sorrowful hug. Not a word was said and it did not have to be, telepathically exchanging thoughts we were happily. ?? ?? ?? ?? Coursework Sophie Logue 9R 21/5/08 ...read more.

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