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Creative writing - The events that took place on the 19th of February 1993 are the most horrific set of events that have ever taken place in my life. I was just twenty-three.

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Creative writing The events that took place on the 19th of February 1993 are the most horrific set of events that have ever taken place in my life. I was just twenty-three. I am a journalist and I must admit, I have seen some horrific things but this was by far the most horrific set of events that have ever occurred in my career as a journalist On the 18th February I had agreed to go out into the rainforest in India with some locals. The locals here are very poor and would do anything for even the least pay. These locals were hunters, they would hunt down anything that they could. They would them sell the carcus at the market to who ever would want to buy it. These hunters, (more like savages) were after one animal, the Bengal tiger. I went into a secret storage area, this is where they kept their merchandise. The room was long and narrow, it had a certain smell a nasty smell. There were piles of tusks, bones and heads; it made me sick. This is their world which they live in, I hated everyone of them, as if they where an infestation, a virus. ...read more.


I heard a rustling sound in the bushes behind me. I did not take any notice, well, I did not want to take any notice, just in case it was the tiger. My plan was for the poachers to lead me into and out of the forest, but whilst I was in the forest I wanted to go off on my own so I could do my research. I did not want to tell them just in case they followed me, I had to get away, I had to get my research! Then it hit me, I shouted and pointed, "Tiger! Tiger!" They fell for it. as soon as I shouted that, they ran in the direction that I pointed; I pittied them in my own little way because they rely on poaching so much. The forest was full of different shades of green with beautiful flowers; the trees were at least fifty metres high. I felt like an ant, so small, so insignificant. I carried on through the forest for about thirty minutes. Already I was starting to feel very tired and dehydrated and I had used all my water from before. ...read more.


I was suddenly freed from the tiger's tight lock, this was my chance to escape. I got up wounded, in pain and I ran; I ran for my life. I continued to shout My voice rolled over forest, the tiger pounced again. It was even more viscous than the last time. Then a load gun shot cleared the air and silenced everything. The birds in the trees scattered for their lives. The silence was broken by the tiger, who had taken a shot from one of the poachers, it wailed and dropped to the ground, tears ran down the tigers face, the tears just like a river. The poacher took another shot, This shot was at point blank range, the sound echoed through the forest. The tiger was dead, lifeless; watching it die made me feel sick. The tiger lay on the floor not moving at all the blood pored out of its body, oozing out the poacher smiled, as if he was possessed and grinned at me, I was disgusted and felt like breaking down. The poachers carried me back along with their prized possession... the tiger, I was taken to the nearest doctor, and he bandaged me up. I still regret to this day that I went with the poachers, it has changed my life completely... if only I could turn back time... Vijay Patel ...read more.

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