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Creative writing - unpleasant experience.

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Creative writing unpleasant experience. The bus skidded off course when the driver lost control then colliding with a lamppost causing the bus to flip. The bus slid a few hundred feet scraping along the road until eventually stopping near the end of the street. I felt my body lift then thrown 12 seats forward towards the windshield. My arm was crushed by the impact, the pain escaped out of my body at last, accompanied by a painful crack and a piercingly loud scream. I looked down noticing my right arm was trapped between two seats that have been ripped off. I slowly reached down towards it with my other hand gently touching the wound with tip of my finger, the pain shot through me like lightning. At this point I surrendered myself because the pain wouldn't stop, my head dropped back whilst fortunately noticing the reflection of running paramedics in the shattered side mirror aside me. A crack of thunder echoes around the bus, the rain slowly started to fall, washing the blood and rubble into the drain. ...read more.


They never listened so he never bothered to argue with them. Today he was looking more relaxed and laid back, he hadn't pulled himself up close to the steering wheel making sure no one tried to slip passed him without a bus pass. He was jus sat there slowly gazing around into the sky, I handed him my bus pass he held it for a second then lost his grip. I reached down to pass it back up to him, still he failed to hold it but now loosing it somewhere in front of him. I leaned over the barrier to try and spot it until my eyes passed "Malibu" tightly tucked into the corner under his seat. I didn't think much of it at first, I was firstly surprised to see it. Questions filled my mind but I didn't have the guts to ask why he had it with him. A small square of light approached my face making me jump up with shock. "Your bus pass" "Oh...thanks drive" For a moment I stopped to think, did I say anything out loud? ...read more.


He continued to accelerate. Passengers started to panic standing from their seats shouting towards the driver, "Stop! do ya want to be killed!" The driver ignored the passengers. A passenger furiously made his way towards the front till a deliberate sharp stop was made throwing the passenger into the side post on the bus, leaving him unconscious. I felt an adrenaline rush inside me when approaching Elm's Street where another set of traffic lights had jus turned red. Cars passed like on a racecourse and wouldn't have had any time to stop if we were to pass straight through. I embraced myself clinching my hands onto the handles in front of me, everything started to move so slowly for a moment when the bus slightly touched the end of the by passing lorry. The bus slowly lifted onto 2 wheels after the impact, Passenger were lifted and swung towards the rear side windows like play toys. The driver released his hands from the wheel the pace of the incident started to dramatically speed up whilst the bus skidded off course.... ...read more.

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