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Creative Writing : Untitled

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Creative Writing : Untitled "Ring ring, ring ring, ring..." The sound of the phone tore through the air and into my muddled dreams. It didn't make sense, I was lying alone in the desert, looking up at the vast blue sky, and I all I could hear was a phone ringing. I twisted around frantically, surveying the never-ending mass of sand, desperately searching for the source of the noise, as it got louder and louder... "Damn!" I exclaimed, as I landed on the hard wooden floor with a thud. I found the energy to lift myself up, and reached for the phone. "Uh... hello?" "Charlie! Where have you been? I recognized the voice as Dieter, a half German acquaintance who I'd agreed to do a job for. I didn't have any idea of his motives or background, I just did what he requested and accepted my payment without asking questions. I was supposed to be delivering a disk to him with hacked information from the Home Office database today. I'd been up until about three in the morning searching for the stuff he needed, and now it was copied onto a CD, ready for him. Previously I'd only done small jobs for him, but this was definitely something more, and I'd been promised a substantially bigger payment than usual. If it all went through successfully I wouldn't need to work again for at least a year. "What time is it Dieter?" "It's 9.30! You should've been here and gone half an hour a ago!" "Oh...sorry... I've only just woken up. Can you wait about another hour?" ...read more.


that would be the best thing to do. I looked out and saw the rain beating down viciously, as the wind swirled and blew it into my windows. Typical - the weatherman had said this morning that it'd be fine today, "with a slight possibility of showers later on in the evening". I checked that all the windows were shut, not just to stop burglars, but also to stop the rain getting in while I was out. I put on an old raincoat and opened my umbrella, as I stepped out of the door and into the storm, and made my way slowly over to my aging red Ford Fiesta. ------------ I waited. My job constantly required me to wait, and I hated it. I looked silently through the scope of my rifle, checking that I could see closely enough. There was Dieter, sitting stone-faced in his car, the only one in the deserted car park, waiting for the man to arrive. Charlie, that's what Dieter said he was called. It didn't matter what he was called though, all I had to do was shoot. "It's a simple job, Mr Helmer. He'll park next to me, we'll get out of our cars, and he'll hand me a CD. As soon as I've taken the disk from him, kill him." Those had been Dieter's instructions. Simple enough, I thought, but it was still getting annoying waiting here in the rain. If I get too cold I might start shivering, and then anything could happen, or the rifle could easily malfunction if it got too wet. ...read more.


"But... I just killed the guy like you told me to." "Mr Helmer, that man was just a stupid tourist handing me a piece of paper with the directions to the hotel he was trying to find!" Dieter was really angry, close to blowing, but I still didn't see that it was my fault. "Uh...sor-" "SORRY isn't good enough! What the hell did you think you were doing, you idiot?!" "I thought-" "I don't care what you THOUGHT, you obviously didn't LOOK very carefully! What are you, a blind sniper?!" He drew his pistol and aimed for me. I kept my eye on the scope and aimed for him. I fired. He fired. I saw him fall, and as did so his bullet rushed upwards towards me. The last thing I saw was my scope shattering as the bullet flew through it. ------------ It was quite a shock for the police, and not easy to comprehend. They found the remains of the two cars and their owners, and the horse lying on the road beside them was explanation in itself. More difficult to make sense of were the two dead men found lying next to their cars in a car park. It wasn't for a couple of days before they discovered the final body lying on the rooftop still clutching a smashed sniper rifle, and still it seemed impossible to fully work out the events that led to this result. It was such an unlikely combination of people and situations that when one young constable suggested the correct story to his Inspector he was written off as a madman. Unsurprisingly, no one considered that it could've been the reality that was crazy. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Writing to Inform, Explain and Describe section.

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