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Creative writing.

Extracts from this document...


1 Joe stared out of the dusty window as the car bounced over the narrow, winding road. He could see sloping red hills in the distance beneath a bright yellow sky. Stumpy white trees lined the road like fence posts. They were way out in the wilderness. They hadn't passed a house or a farm for four hours. Lilly tossed her long blond hair, "How long do we have to go to the third forest." "About one hour," Manuel replied. Lilly is a photographer. She has a studio in London, India and America. Joe asked Mathew, "Have you seen Mariam, I haven't seen her for long time." "I'm hungry," Mathew, growled, "I saw her with Craig. They seemed to be going out." Mathew is an interesting person; he talks a lot, he often gets on peoples nerves, he's a hungry wolf and he mostly doesn't care about anyone. The car suddenly stopped. "Oh! Shit," Manuel swore. "What happened," Lilly turned to Manuel. "The petrol is low," Manuel worried. "What? I'm hungry, I can't wait," Mathew said angrily. Joe screamed, "Food is always first for you isn't it, what are we going to do? Didn't you look at the petrol in the garage?" "I'm hungry, I'm going to go and find food," Mathew put his hand on his stomach. "Go on then, don't come back get lost," Joe shouted. Mathew disappeared. "It's 6.45 now and what are we going to do," Joe shouted angrily. ...read more.


"What? River falls I love it," Lilly was excited. "Lilly is going to be the first person to get up," Joe laughed, "Lilly bring your camera." "Definitely," Lilly answered. "Look every one have to be ready before 9.'0 clock or you can stay here and clean the house and cook," Mathew ordered. "Yes boss," Joe laughed. Every body started to laugh. Everyone went to sleep. 5 Some thing made Lilly woke up. She sat straight up, startled. Despite the heat of the room, she felt cold all over. She looked down to the end of the bed; she saw that she had kicked off the sheet and light blanket. With a groan, she reached down for them, but then she froze. She heard a whisper. Some one was whispering across the room. She climbed out of the bed. She walked across the room but nothing was there. She saw a shadow of a human, she grabbed her camera took a torch and suddenly, the shadow disappeared. Lilly went outside to see. It was dark, the leaves were all blowing from the tree, and the owls were shrinking. Lilly heard whispering again behind her, she turned around but no one was there. "Who's that," Lilly's face was red, she was sweating all over. She took her camera out took some photos TOK TOK TOK TOK She heard some was walking behind her, she turned........... ...read more.


One day Kaul came with a mysterious man trying to give her a life but he couldn't but he made the her soul to live." "How." "By a mandra" "What's that?" "Its like a spell." "A spell what was it." "I don't know but he gave some paper to Kaul, the man told him that if anything happens say this mantra." "Where is it?" "Come I will show you." Patty opened a drawer and took some papers out and gave it to Joe. "ATCHA GATCHA MATCHA." Suddenly the light went off. "ATCHA GATCHA MATCH" "ATCHA GATCHA MATCHA" "ATCHA GATCHA MATCHA" Suddenly Nisha was standing front of them. Joe went up to her and touched her. "Yes, yes, we made her yes," Joe was so happy. "Thank you very much," Nisha was pleased. They heard a voice, "I'm going to kill you." They all suddenly turned around and it was MATHEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mathew is now................................. Mathew stared out of the dusty window as the car bounced over the narrow. Lilly tossed her, "How long we have left." "One hour," Manuel replied. As Mathew interrupts "I'm hungry" The car suddenly stopped. "What happened?" Lilly turned to Manuel, "Why did you stopped?" "The petrol is finished," Manuel replied. As Mathew interrupts again, "I'm hungry." Joe shouted at Mathew and tells him to go and find some thing to eat and so Mathew went off. When Mathew came back, Some thing was strange with him.......? FICTION FICTION FICTION FICTION FICTION FICTION FICTION FICTION FICTION FICTION FICTION FICTION FICTION FICTION FICTION FICTION FICTION ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Writing to Inform, Explain and Describe section.

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