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Current year-1830

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-------------------------------------------------------------------------- Story: Short Story Current year-1830 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- A pale young man looked outside the labs window but nothing could pierce through that tough and black darkness outside." What we are about to do must remain secret, it must remain between us, each and every one of you have poured your blood into that container as a sign of your sworn secrecy." A second man no older than the first was also looking through the window but somehow looked like he could pierce through and that he noticed something moving." What we are about to do is a sign of exploration, it is not a transgression, it is neither for good or bad, but can be used for either, we will pour the elixir of life into this being and there he shall live." The lab was a very spacious place; it had several rooms each containing alien artefacts and unearthly things." What we are doing could destroy the world, what if something went wrong how we could alone be held responsible for this, I-I-I t-think we should stop this before we it gets out of our control." ...read more.


Each day, each hour, each second it took form, it became stronger and smarter, it had become so impressive that it had managed to say simply commands and developed a strong figure. It was finally ready; it was ready to take on a human. "Hey what am I doing here, I fight I don't stand in dark cages." Shouted a person who was being forced into the cage for what seemed a fight. "Your challenger is straight ahead of you, his sitting in the corner meditating. I want you to try and kill it" said a man from the room above them," If you are successful we will let you live." He walked up towards the dark corner to see his challenger and instantly froze at the simple glimpse of the creature, it was a man but it didn't look like a man it seemed rather deformed and horrendous, it seemed human but than it didn't, it opened a small fissure on his face what seemed to be his mouth and started to speak in the most formal tone. ...read more.


Cried the pale young man as he stood up and equipped himself with what seemed weapons. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Six months later -------------------------------------------------------------------------- All of the six friends desperately searched for the menace but with no luck they returned to their lab and carried on with their other projects. Once they got back the man was there to greet them, he looked much more like a man now, but still had the horrifying look. "You are back fathers and mothers; I am so pleased because many questions I have to ask of you." He said starring with a rush of excitement. "Why did you create me?" "TO KILL YOU!" Screamed one of the friends while picking something out of his pocket and stabbing it in the mans neck, he fell onto the ground motionless. "Is he dead?" said one of the girls. "He will never die? We must seal him forever before he is ever released, it might've been easier to kill him now but in 50 years time it would become the devil. 49 years and 6 months later "Hey everyone come here I think I've found something!" screamed an explorer The end. ...read more.

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