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Dark Key

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The world was engulfed in a pit of catalytic darkness. The ugly consequence of battle was evident on every wall, street and building. Humanity descended into chaos, all torn between right and wrong. Brother against brother, father against son would smirk through gory teeth as one drove another into complete oblivion. Even death seemed to howl through the nights from its infinite workload. War. The very skies were thickened black with the smell of death. Bloodied streets smiled its repulsive smile at me; limbs, bodies and of course the never ending scenery of blood splattered walls never spared a single corner. I watched as a women bent double in prayer, thankful to the heavens for every moment she was living. Standing there at that very same window for a life time, I watched from the sidelines as a flat stomached withering old man from these ancient eyes as a world of green beauty was shredded into the lowest depths of hell. ...read more.


"Come on honey, chop chop you don't want to be late for school again." reasons my mother wrestling the blanket off me, "Your father's doing breakfast, you don't want to miss the big event!" "Okay, I'll be downstairs in 10 minutes." I respond. Flinging my feet over the side of the bed, the frosty coldness of the hard stiff floor infiltrates my skin sending tingles spiralling up my spine adding to my longing of my warm fuzzy bed. Struggling up, the sweet oaky aroma of the house fills my nostrils. Almost seductively beckoning me forwards, slapping on the uniform I brush my teeth with half open eyes. Rushing downstairs I'm consumed by the fumes of a cremated breakfast with smoke detectors shrieking like sirens overhead. I stood frantic with laughter watching as my panicked father pranced about like a crazed clown, tripping over dishes and pans in his attempt to make a simple breakfast of toast on eggs. ...read more.


Upon opening my eyes I find myself overlooking the beach of my childhood, the very sands that contained every echoes of my laughter and speech. I took a step onto the blistering beach; my feet sizzled slowly over the golden sands glittering under the sun hanging over my head like a raised medal. A heavenly breeze whirled in the air, flowing through my bare chest filling my every part. I closed my eyes inhaling deeply. A sharp tinkling laughter permeated through the airs; opening my eyes I realise it's Alex - the love of my life - laughing as I stood in the open air in a crucified position. I turned dumb-founded as Alex's overwhelming beauty mesmerised me once more. I dreamt of Alex gently skipping along the seaside, darkening the sun with a star-sparkling smile. Then as if a claw had run through my heaven I was ripped back into the reality of a shrivelled old man gazing outside at the view from outside my bedroom window in a war infested world. ...read more.

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