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David Carter Autobiography

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Frozen Over I had feelings of ambivalence; I could have stayed, only to be penetrated by a vast amount of frozen ice cutting into me like a thousand knives simultaneously jabbing me all over my body, or I could have thrown away the vague amount of dignity I had clenched on to. My five foot three inches of manhood were not backing down. At that very moment I thought back to when I was eight and I first heard the phrase, "It's better to die fighting for freedom than surrender and be killed." I was not going to succumb. The seconds were eroding away, just like a rock does when a rabbit urinates on it, thus the process of biological weathering. However I doubt how any of that would save me, when the enemy seemed to multiply, two become four and four become nine, or was that eight. Am I hallucinating? Am I rewinding the Weakest Link? Or had I fell victim to vintage Port that had coincidently slipped into my innocent mouth? (Please, keep that that a secret!) ...read more.


Not wasting a moment, I purchased the indispensable ticket. The show had just finished; everyone was flooding out of the cinema swamping the innocent bystanders. I quickly headed for the nearest exit. The outside had always aroused great merriness and this time followed suit. However being inside provides an equilibrium. * * * I was always a perky youngster, a lot of energy. My mum would say too much energy. As a youth I was always keen on emphasizing and expressing my exuberance. However for my mum, the sheer thought of an over eccentric kid brought her to a standstill. (Much like the UK economy) Now it was time for dinner with my family. What could go wrong? The calm complexion of the restaurant made The Surrey Pub a favourite amongst my family. My mum had just ordered drinks and to avoid the whinges and moans of one young child. I was placed in the ball pit, being an unambulatory individual my mum thought nothing could go wrong. Her main priority now was to discuss up-to-date issues with Grandad and Grandma. ...read more.


I managed to make out "school closed" and "severe weather", how can you shut a school because of heat? How insane, now I know why private education was founded. Through the idiocies of..."Snow showers", blurted out of the radio, snow showers? I immediately rotated my abundant attention to the window. My eyes gleamed out of the window like radars. Everything was blanketed with white. SNOW! Instantly I invited all my friends to the field; the field would become our oyster! Trees shivered and shrivelled. Grass hung on to dear insanity however we took heaven by the hood and exuberantly put the snow into employment as ammunition. Snowballs launched with fierce velocity hit everyone from every direction providing refuelling amusement to everyone. Then the snow showers become intense; it was a new angle of attack. Through the fence we saw the assailants, ten "chavs", must more puissant than us came running at us. Why? Being twelve year old kids we realised that "chavs" running your general direction is basically a one-way sign pointing the opposite way. Only two-hundred metres away, we didn't know what to make of it, was it life or death? It was decision time... ?? ?? ?? ?? September 2007 English Coursework David Carter ...read more.

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