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Dear Diary,

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Dear Diary, I don't remember anything about the journey or how I got there. I was shoved onto a hard concrete surface and could hear a man shouting and cursing me. I don't remember anything, but seeing the vicious intent in his eyes, and then, my life went black. About an hour after, I opened my eyes to the world again. All I could see was complete black, though a stream of light shone through the material tied around my eyes. The first thing I noticed was that my knees were throbbing violently. I tried to undo the blindfold, only to realise that my hands had been bound together behind my back, the rope cutting sharply into my skin. I struggled aggressively on the hard, stony, unforgiving floor, but to no avail. I heard footsteps coming towards me, and a man, talking to someone in another language that I could not comprehend. I noticed his aggressive tone of voice - it sounded oddly familiar. As he came nearer and nearer, and his voice got louder and louder, I recognised it as the voice of the man who had attacked me. ...read more.


At this point, I looked down at my knees, to see the blood streaming down. The pain seemed to worsen as I saw the full extent of the damage. I hauled myself up, using the bars on the window. They felt strangely cold and smooth - just like metal, and it was at that point, that I realised the how intense the heat was. I looked between the metal bars, and saw something that made me gasp. A huge grassland area lay outside, with gigantic glistening waterfalls and varieties of birds of all different colours and sizes. Animals that I did not even know existed played around in the soft warm sun. At this point, I began to see the huge contrast between what seemed like Eden outside, and this desolate cell that I was in. I looked around in despair. Bits of concrete were crumbling from the ceiling and lay in a small heap in the corner. The walls were uneven and coarse, not the sort that had been made with any care at all. ...read more.


There was so much that I had wanted to see in life, so much that I had wanted to do, and all because of one lousy article, I was never to do the things that I had planned so meticulously. Again I heard footsteps, and the scruffy man entered. All I remember was something he said to me in English, 'Knowledge is the root of all evil.' I will never forget those words he spoke to me, and I believe that they were the wisest words anyone could have said. \\,, (,")> <( )' ,,] [,, hiya im mr chicken Aye to be in love is to be in heaven where'd I get your thingymabobbermawatsistmajig? Do you really wanna be like them? Do you really wanna be another trend? Do you wanna be part of their crowd? Cause I don't ever wanna I don't ever wanna be you -- Good Charlotte Baby I'll be your Huckleberry, you don't have to double dare me. If the ride gets wild and scary, count on me to be right there. You're so extra ordinary, sweet like maraschino cherries. We'll grow up and we'll get married . I'm gonna be your Huckleberry. ...read more.

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