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Dear George

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Five minutes of staring, no movement and still nothing was said. She stared at her sister in astonishment trying to put into words what she had actually done, whereas her sister was staring in confusion and disbelief. "wha...what??? What's wrong? Have I left something out?" she stuttered in a confused voice. Their mother was the individual to eventually break the silence with a typical start to the darkening evening; "Come one girls!!! Tea's ready!" immediately, without revealing anything to her unpredictable sister or informing her selfish mother, she sprinted out the house with such speed that you could turn the lights out and she would have been gone by the time it was dark. She powered her way through a number of obstacles, twisting and turning like a snake; it was quite obvious that the eager girl was in a panic and under a tremendous amount of pressure. As the cold wind hit her warm tempered face she thought to her self hesitatingly "What will George do with the letters? I swear to God if that stupid boy shows ANYONE...I...I'll die of shame...I'll lose everything! Including the fool himself!" The only thought on the girls mind was the horrible, unbearable thought of George opening the letters filled with her declarations. It was perfectly clear in her head; George reading the letter, re-reading the letter, because he couldn't believe what had been written; line by line, word by word; picturing the type of girls he had been attracting. ...read more.


She originally planned on photocopying the letter and ruining everything George and the other girl ever had, however, she was now attempting to think of something far more sinister and memorable such as showering the two with pubic hair. Perhaps she could try to publish the letter in the newspaper or even show the neighbourhood and school so they would never be treated the same ever again. The girl's evil creativity started to overwhelm her, becoming out of control; she eventually lost the meaning of "realism" by the end of the shadowy night. Knowing that the next morning she would be awakened and see the rays of the sun shine through the clear glass window, she would have to go to school; having one last day until the humiliation begins while George is walking to school having not read his five unexpected letters, or face the humiliation from the one morning where she sets foot past the tall school gates with the sun beating on her back, raising her heart beat. Eventually after falling asleep with the fact that the situation at hand could go one of two ways, she woke up with curtains closed, bed sheet hanging of the bed and the pitch black looking upon her from all corners of the room. After staring into the ceilings pattern, while she lay in her bed, suddenly the curtains lashed open in the blink of an eye "Wakey wakey! You had better get up you know, your going to be late, as usual!" ...read more.


As she threw them all in at once she saw the seal broken on one of them and she started to wonder whether the letter was dropped on the way home or maybe it fell out in the fire where everything was being destroyed. She thought that there was a one in five chance that the letter George might have was the one with the clippings attached; she didn't really take much more notice after thinking of it like that. It started to get darker as the night came. As the girl was browsing on the internet, she stumbled across her picture with the very letter that was associated with the "hair" clippings; the girl was shocked and it took her back to the very moment of her and her sister staring at each other, not believing what had happened. Suddenly her phone started to vibrate alerting her she was getting text messages in the space of two minutes. Her phone was overrun with texts about her and George and questions like "why did you do it?", "have you got no taste?" etc. With her quick thinking she decided to quickly attempt to publish the letter she had obtained from the letter box. She ran around panicking, because she couldn't find the letter. Looking from top to bottom and corner to corner, just as George phoned her "You really shouldn't take things without asking you know, I'm glad I got this letter back, who knows what might have happened if I didn't" he said sounding very calm just before he hung up. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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