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Describe a funfair

  • Essay length: 594 words
  • Submitted: 14/04/2011
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GCSE Writing to Inform, Explain and Describe

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Describe a funfair

Morning had just broken. The old funfair stood silently, waiting for the wave of people to come and play on the worn machinery. Tired workers trudged in not wanting to be there.

The gothic styled gates opened majestically and crowd of families poured into the funfair. In the centre, stood a helter skelter towering over the rest of the fair like a king. Children would wait for hours to get to the top of the tower to slide back down to the bottom again.

Decorated with clowns, the fun house welcomed families into the hall of mirrors. Children laughed to see their parents become distorted shapes; not expecting that the shoots of pressurized gas would make them scream with shock. The bright lights enticed them to ride down the slippery slide into the soft ball pit.

On the other side of the funfair, noisy bumper cars playfully bashed against each other with the aim to bring joy to its users. Smash; bang; clash is what children heard mixed in with the giggles of the people inside the cars. The cars fought against each other like Japanese fighter fish.


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