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Describe a funfair

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Describe a funfair Morning had just broken. The old funfair stood silently, waiting for the wave of people to come and play on the worn machinery. Tired workers trudged in not wanting to be there. The gothic styled gates opened majestically and crowd of families poured into the funfair. In the centre, stood a helter skelter towering over the rest of the fair like a king. Children would wait for hours to get to the top of the tower to slide back down to the bottom again. Decorated with clowns, the fun house welcomed families into the hall of mirrors. Children laughed to see their parents become distorted shapes; not expecting that the shoots of pressurized gas would make them scream with shock. ...read more.


The workers smiled as they watched the young children throw the rough coconuts at the rusted cans; trying to knock them over. Unsuccessful, they would walk away while the workers would shout at passers to have a go at winning the poorly made prizes. Next to the game stalls, was a worn carousel. The paint, that was once vibrant and the eye catcher of the funfair, was now a faded pale colour. The neck, where once had the unique names of each horse, was scratched from the many times children would cling onto the head so that they did not fall off. Each time the carousel was put into action, it would creak because it had been used so many times. ...read more.


The taste of sweetness melted in her mouth; a smile as big as the universe grew on her face. Alone, in the corner of the funfair, sat a fortune teller; he hadn't been used for a while because it was old. However, a little boy ran up to the box and inserted a rusty 10p. The fortune teller rolled into action and printed off a fortune for the boy to carefully pick up. The boy's smile turned to an expression of fear. He ran away crying to his mum in fear the fortune teller's prediction came true. Once again, the fortune teller sat alone. The day had gone past as quick as a flash. The rides came to a halt and the wave of visitors and workers headed out of the funfair leaving the air was heavy with the smell of burnt sausages. ...read more.

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