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Describe some of the ways that Shakespeare "OTHELLO" makes the audience admire Othello and feel sorry for him.

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Eva Chen November 2003 OCR English coursework: Describe some of the ways that Shakespeare "OTHELLO" makes the audience admire Othello and feel sorry for him. William Shakespeare was born in 1564 and died in 1616. His play "Othello" was performed at the Globe Theatre that was built was in 1599. It lasted only 14 years; it was burnt down by cannon wadding. In 1613, then it was rebuilt one year later. The famous playhouse was a large circular structure, three stories high. There were 3,000 seats in the theatre for the audience. If they stood, they needed to pay one penny. If they sat they needed to pay two penny. The plays took place in the afternoons of summer but not in winter. They lasted about 2-3 hours. In the play, they used visual props only, such as swords, crowns, cups and coffins. For example, the Globe used the tree branches to tell the audience they were in the forest. They also used branches in pots to tell the audience that they were in the garden. If the play took place in a ship, maybe they used a sail. They also used audio props in the form of the sound of trumpets when the king was near. When the characters in the plays fell in love with each other, they might use fluid. They might shake a piece of metal the represent thunder, also they had a wind machine, the Globe used it to get the sound of wind the trees. ...read more.


In addition, Iago is the most dangerous person near Othello. He is just like a fox, crafty and clever. Iago hates Othello, as Othello does not promote him, he wants to retaliate. He says, " I will make Othello as an ass." Eva Chen November 2003 But as for Othello, he trusts Iago, he says "honest Iago". May be some audiences will say that Othello is a fool and gullible. But this is how Shakespeare shows Othello is innocent and nice. He trusts people. This makes the audience more admiring of and sympathetic towards to Othello. Moreover, that night for Othello is the "most happy" night, because it's his wedding night, it's a honeymoon for him and Desdemona, but at this moment, the alarm bell disturbs him; maybe at that moment he is at height of his happiness. He's in sexual jealousy and anger; it makes the readers more sympathetic towards him. In Act 3, Iago asks Desdemona to persuade Othello to give Cassio his position again after Othello has sacked Cassio for his drunken fight. Perhaps she thinks that Cassio has been a loyal servant, perhaps she respects Cassio, and perhaps she wants to help Cassio, it shows she's young, innocent and kind. In Act 3, Othello loss his temper and acts aggressive because of his love. If he has true love Desdemona, he will not easily believe Iago and he will trust her. ...read more.


She respects him for calling him "my lord". Othello asks Desdemona if she " pray'd to-night?" As he loves her, he wants her to go to the heaven. At this moment, he is still calm. But the death is coming. He thinks Desdemona has done something wrong " crime", when he thinks Othello does any "Crime". He becomes very angry, " I would not kill thy conprepared spirit, I would not kill thy soul." He begins lose his temper and he screams, " kill" twice. But he still tries to control himself when his "eyes roll", through we know that Othello is sadly out of control. At the end of Act 4, Iago kills Roderigo who was Iago's friend before, but their friendship has broken up. So Roderigo finds out that Iago is an evil, sinful and wicked person. Then at Act 5, Othello calmly executes Desdemona as the act of justice, after her supposed adultery. When Desdemona denies her adultery with Cassio. Othello becomes very angry and strangles her. Emillia runs in the bedroom with news of Rederigo's death and Cassio's hurt. He shouts " murder" when she finds Desdemona is dying and the guards enter the room. Iago silences his wife by stabbing her and shows no feeling for his crime. Iago is taken away by the guard to be tortured and executed. Othello makes a very noble speech about himself " who loves not wisely but to well". He kills himself with a dagger. The audiences feel admire and sympathises towards him as he regrets killing Desdemona. 1 ...read more.

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