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Desperate Bosnians

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Maggie O'Kane Draft How well does she describe the article? The study I am writing about, desperate Bosnians by Maggie O'Kane, is about determined Bosnians trying to get food rations located on a dangerous minefield. The story was conveyed well and effectively by Maggie O'Kane through good use if words and many more ways. She started off with a catchy title. 'Desperate Bosnians risk minefield deaths for US army rations.' Immediately she's got the reader's attention by using the words 'Desperate', 'Risk' and 'Deaths'. And then she started off with 'No one knew the dead woman's name.' This makes the story mysterious and makes the reader want to read more to find out who the dead woman is. ...read more.


She also uses dark and cold words. 'Her blood dripped on the icy floor'. These descriptions build up suspense and getting the reader more into the story. One of another Maggie O'Kane's way is do not be obvious. Her description isn't obvious; it's more in a complicated and mysterious way. 'The crowds shuffled by the window'. This gives the reader more ideas of what it's happening. Her description is very detailed as well. She wrote every single thing that happened. 'Cardboard packages leftover from the Gulf War, holding packets of chili con carne and chicken a la king mix. Packages with Juicy Fruit chewing gum and brown plastic sachets of cherry and cocoa powder'. ...read more.


She uses a 3rd Person mode to describe her story. 'He met Semsa just outside his front gate'. Readers don't care what you did or want, they just want to know the article. She also tells the truth. Don't try to balance the truth, tell the straight truth because sometimes the truth has no balance. The truth can be unfair sometimes. 'Five Serb soldiers walk towards them. "Come on Muslims, get your American parcels." They panicked. Semsa was running about five feet in front of him when she hit a mine. It blew her apart.' Sometimes the truth can make readers feel sentimental or angry, making them want to carry on reading to find out the ending. Maggie O'Kane does not use conclusion. The readers don't care what you think. She believes all the readers have different conclusion and disparate feelings for the article. ...read more.

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